Home Sweet Home

I’ve resumed weekly tap dance classes at a place called Luki Dance Studio, and I just love them.  It’s Saturdays at 9:00 so it gets me out of the house early which is nice, and quite rare these days.

It’s amazing how wonderful and relaxing retirement is.  If I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t do it.  How great is that?  Because as I’m sure I’ve said in the past, I wasn’t one of those people who was crazy with joy to be heading to work every day.

I liked all of my careers, and it was fine as I never had to tar roofs or lay asphalt on a July day, but I still had to get up at a set time and be somewhere for a fixed amount of hours.  I chafed against that.

And so on a daily basis I find myself thanking God with gratitude at being in my own home, dog and cats inches away.  I get the odd sewing project going, and enjoy the company of a You Tube video on UFO’s at the same time.

I while away the time with things like baking, either for the young couple downstairs, or for my mom, and making various food items they like. Then there’s my own keto brownies, fudge and other strange items to make for my low-carb life.

Now that I’ve discovered Yoga With Adrienne on You Tube, I choose one of her videos every single day.  I do it like brushing my teeth.  It took a full month of writing ‘yoga’ on my calendar after doing it until I was able to trust myself without the visual reinforcement.  Now I just do it.

I’m also working on a short story that I want to submit to the Okanagan Short Story Contest which is due January 31st.  I tried to write in the past without an end-goal and found my lazy ass prevented me from completing any to my satisfaction.  With a deadline I’m hoping I’m able to complete it and submit.

As I’m writing this there’s the most wonderful blizzard going on.  Tree branches and roofs are heavy with snow from days ago, and now more is falling so it’ll be hell shoveling our way out of here tomorrow.

We have arctic flow warnings of extreme cold for the next three days as well, so I wonder how my dahlia bulbs and fig trees will survive in my garage.  It’s insulated, but at minus 25 I wonder how cold it’ll get in there.

It’s probably appropriate at this time to make myself a keto cocoa, which is almond milk, cocoa powder and stevia.  It’s really quite good, you should try it.

As extraordinary and beautiful the heavy falling snow is, I have to admit I’m pretty excited about our impending trip back to the wonderful Yucatan.  For the life of us Margaret and I cannot get the Mayan spirit out of our systems.

We leave January 31 and I’m hoping for a heat wave between now and then as our first house comes with a pool, and from past experience, the water in them is mighty cold.  However cold is a relative term as I look out into my wintry world.

Don’t Forget to Look for Miracles

Here it is, the last blog of the year, and I wanted to remind all of you to look for miracles.  Don’t just hope for stuff, but actively look and you’ll be amazed at the miracles around us all of the time.

Here are some recent ones I’ve experienced.  A couple of days after the anniversary of my granny’s death, my pet golden orb spider came out, looked right at me, and disappeared never to be seen again.  It came out to say thanks, pal, we had a great run together.

Then there are the blue jays who recently decided to hang around, and so I buy peanuts in the shell for them.  In the mornings as I’m cleaning the kitchen I hear them call, and I race out and pour peanuts on an inverted bee hive lid.

The bastard cat caught one of the blue jays when I began to feed them, as I was putting the peanuts on top of a round cedar bush.  I had no idea the cat would have the temerity to jump straight up through sharp, dead sticks to grab a bird, but of course. I went out at that very moment, which startled the cat, so the bird flew off.

I then decided feeding birds in order to lure them into the yard for the cats would be bad karma, so now I have the peanuts in the lid on top of a large green recycling bin.  I pushed it into the middle of the yard so the birds can see a predator, AKA a tuxedo cat, approaching.

I saw more miracles in the drama and beauty of the way the clouds billowed upward toward the full moon the other week.  Then one morning while it was still dark I saw the oddest lights around a solitary star and thought wow, aliens!  Or a miracle, take your pick.

I listened to an interesting TED talk about reality, and some of those people can really help you see things in a new light.  Since we manifest so much anyway, and find it normal, I think we may as well go into full-on miracle manifestation.  There’s no reason for them not to be as real as those things we’ve constructed and call reality.

However it has its limits as we all know it’d take the miracle of all miracles to get that conman out of the White House.  Maybe my hero Nancy Pelosi has something up her sleeve, given her strong belief in the power of prayer.  You go girl.

Due to my penchant for thrift store shopping there are about a hundred presents under the tree, so it’ll take a couple of hours to open them all tomorrow evening.  This will be followed by coq au vin for dinner and chocolate mousse for dessert, all thanks to another hero, Julia Child.

I got a gift for the dog as last year Louie was given one and freaked everyone out by picking the right gift to open.  He’s brilliant, let’s face it, so this year we’ll see if he can do that adorable trick again.  If he can, hey! Another miracle.

It sure makes life a lot more fun to witness miracles every which way you look and in everything you do.  May this be the season miracles start occurring for all of you!

Corpse Pose

I’m happy to report I’ve been able to maintain at least thirty minutes a day of yoga practice, and sometimes I do the full hour class.  All this on-line at home, which is so nice because I can do it whenever I feel like it.  I often have at least one cat and the dog within inches of me, observing.

Sometimes I do one of the power yoga classes, wherein we do ghastly things like do a downward dog, then stand on one leg and bring in the other to hover, with the leg tucked in to the knee, holding, then returning out, then back to the knee, holding.  At times like this I visualize how I won’t be decrepit with back problems when old.

We also do painful stretches, and my stiff hips are now complaining at night.  But I think nuh-uh, you are going to be supple into your old age.  Anyway, for a reward, at the very end of these classes, the best part is called the corpse pose.  As it sounds, you lie down on your back, arms comfortably at your sides, palms up, breathing deeply.  Ahhhhh.

And as it’s hatha yoga there’s a lot of meditative thoughts and relaxation to begin and end with, so it’s all to the good.  It’s helped while I watched the highlights of the impeachment hearings on You Tube and wondered why proven facts were being called “fake news”.  I found all of that really stressful as no one likes gaslighting.

I made the first two German Christmas stollen of the season and also homemade marzipan to go into the middle of them and they were absolutely fantastic.  Now watch, I’ll make the recipe again and it’ll stink.  Baking’s funny that way.

I was just in Osoyoos to help mom with her dental appointment.  She was getting two teeth implants, and had a complicated medical regime to follow. So I said I’d come down and figure it all out which I did.  Mom had to take four Amoxicillin, one steroid and two pain killers 90 minutes prior, which she took.

The implants went smoothly and in three months she’ll get a bridge stuck to them, and then have teeth on the upper left side of her mouth again.  Isn’t that great, to be nearly 95 years old, and decide dentures are never going to happen?  Of course it takes tremendous tenacity to go through all of the prep whereby they drill these ghastly looking metal posts into your gums in preparation.

The next day I asked mom how she was feeling, and she said fine.  No effects whatsoever from the meds, or the implant operation itself, so mom’s pretty much a medical miracle.  The night before, after the procedure, I gave her two ounces of brandy in warm water and she happily drank that to help the meds.

I went to Rona and got two rolls of Christmas lights because tomorrow’s December 1st and Denis is due to come over and put them up.  I want to have lots this year, and they’re all LED so hopefully not too crazy with the energy consumption.  I got a red and white set and one all-blue, so that’ll keep him and Nicky busy for a couple of hours.

We’re also going to Grumpy’s Tree Farm here in East Kelowna for my tree, so I’ll get that set up and decorated, and then do the house’s decorations as well.  By late afternoon it’ll be time for everyone’s favourite, the corpse pose.

I’m a Fan of Standard Time

Is it just me, or does Standard Time give everyone the illusion of endless time in a day?  Today I got up at 5:00 AM feeling fantastic, and so by around noon I was sure the day was over, but no.  An immense amount of time was still just sitting there, waiting.  I don’t know why I feel that way on Standard Time.

Hence I decided to put my extra time to good use, and now do twenty to thirty minutes of yoga a day following Yoga with Adrienne on You Tube.  It seems to go well with my regime of the healthy smoothie in the morning, and juicing vegetables at lunch.  Sadly, everything outside of that is basically my lifestyle going to hell in a hand basket.

Though I have to say following the keto diet is an easy way to lose weight and it’s not all that unpleasant because you’re not counting calories so can eat immense amounts of food.  It’s strange because you can eat all manner of fat, and still lose weight.

The good thing about it, too, is that you can drink hard liquor so I make myself a diet faux Margarita with tequila, lime juice, stevia and club soda.  At Happy Hour at a restaurant I just tough it out with tequila and club soda with a wedge of lime, and forgo the sweetener.

I never eschew the fries and burger though.  That’s how far keto goes: to the door of Happy Hour.  The crones and I are becoming quite experienced at where to go for decent drinks and food.  I could order the prawns, or something else keto, but I don’t.  I want carbs carbs carbs when I’m out, and my eating habits provide general amusement as well.

That tedious and annoying Golden Orb spider that’s taken up residence on my kitchen window is still there and now the window is filthy.  Research I did on the web state they live for about one year, but “die in late summer or autumn.”  So I’m looking at it going, um, isn’t it time you shuffled off to Valhalla there, Mr. or Mrs. Spider?

I learned a great lesson at thrift yesterday, and it’s one I actually know, and which my very experienced pal Elsa has explained to me as well.  When I was at the Mission Thrift Store yesterday, I saw a Cuisinart on the shelf and as I broke mine, I thought hey, I should get that.

But then it didn’t have a price on it, and I couldn’t see any volunteer around to ask, so thought I probably don’t need it.  Then I changed my mind, returned to the shelf, and it was gone.  I looked at the till, and there was a woman my age talking to the cashier about the price.  I think it was around $20.00 which annoyed me no end, and again, I know not to leave an item on the shelf

I made the same mistake while shopping with Elsa a while ago.  She said you should always take the item and carry it around, if you change your mind, you can always put it back.

For some unknown reason the Rotary Centre for the Arts hasn’t offered tap dance again, so I’m going to be taking it from the instructor’s own dance studio, which is fine with me.  Now that I’ve spent a hundred bucks on tap shoes, I’m damn well using them.  Plus I’m no longer taking singing lessons so I have to fill these hours of Standard Time.

Spider as Pet

A couple of months ago I noticed another Orb spider had taken up residence, this time in my kitchen window.  The last one lived on the French doors in the dining room.  This spider (she?) has made a web that goes from top to bottom and ends on the ornaments on the shelf, taking up about a third of the window.

I certainly couldn’t kill it, so at first just left it alone, careful not to touch anything on the shelf in order to leave the web undisturbed.  However lately I’ve started to worry about the spider’s lack of food, and so have taken to catching small moths and planting them on the web.  Sometimes the spider races straight down and grabs it, and other times the carcass can hang there for half a day or more.

This confirms my reluctance to own chickens is well-founded, as when I had the bees I’d be worried sick that they might be too cold, wet or hungry.  So chickens are out.

I guess once the last of the moths has shown itself the spider will die a natural death and I can clean the window and ledge.  It’s amazing the amount of fly blood she’s dropped on the sill.

I didn’t name the spider and it’s just as well as I have to think of a puppy name for next year.  God willing, I’ll be receiving a standard dachshund puppy and I find it very hard to find the right name for a pet or child.

I harvested the last of the dahlia blooms just in time as the next day frost had killed the plants.  I’ve dug out all of the tubers and put them in tubs filled with peat moss and stored them in the insulated but unheated garage.  The fig has to be moved in there, too.

Margaret and I went on the Kettle Valley Steam train at the end of September on a lovely sunny day and it was a great experience.  You have great views of Summerland but sadly they were only able to preserve 10 miles of track so you return the same way you came.

After having been to Mexico where every ruin has hawkers by the hundreds we were quite surprised at the one train stop where everyone can get off for photos.  There was a lone person selling baskets of raspberries for $5.  We were a captive bunch of tourists wanting to spend and buy but there was nothing to buy other than the berries.

Both of us love entrepreneurship so imagined the types of articles that could be produced and sold at this kind of a stop.  We said you could do replica trains, or else something fruit-industry themed, or some Native souvenirs.  Anything would sell there.

I’m now busy door-knocking and phoning for the Liberals so can’t do a single thing until after the election.  I watched the debates the other night but find bickering nerve-wracking so I think I’ll give the French language debate a miss.

But honest, don’t you find it hard to stay off CNN these days?  With that little stinker Donald Trump shooting his mouth off daily mom is having a total ball.  She has no time to phone or visit with anyone because she says as soon as she leaves Trump alone for five minutes he’s done another stupid thing.  Hard to disagree with her.

Nature in all its Glory

Just so you know, I gave up on sourdough as I don’t like being bossed by a food.  You have to feed it regularly or it dies, and I don’t like that tiny task.  It involves adding flour and water, but I don’t want to, so go figure.  However, the kids are baking themselves into a stupor downstairs, and they’ve certainly adopted the idea of sourdough bread making.

I currently have a good-sized spider living on my kitchen window.  It’s made a large web encompassing about half the window and touching the tops of some plants and ornaments on the fly-blood-covered ledge.  I guess my window sill is its garbage dump and this is the fly detritus it won’t eat.

Because of all the fruit in the house there are plenty of fruit flies for this spider to eat so I wonder how long it’s going to remain there.  Surely at some point it’ll die or move away?

The other day I went into the bathroom, in which I have a tile floor, and saw Louie had peed right beside the tub as he likes to do from time to time.  Because of the pale colour of the tile I saw the dog’s pee looked quite coral-coloured and so I figured there was blood in his urine.

I had an old syringe from some animal illness, and used that to suck up as much blood-filled pee as I could, and put that into an old pill bottle.  I put it into the fridge and decided to call the vet first thing in the morning.

As I was pondering what of many ailments my poor dog could have, my mind went back to lunch, and the cooked beets I’d made.  I recalled feeding piece after piece of beet to Louie as he really liked it and I figured beets are a good way for him to cleanse his liver.

Oh my God.  I then retrieved the beet-filled dog pee from the fridge and threw it into the garbage and pondered Munchausen by Proxy.  Munchausen disease involves making oneself sick for attention and pretending one has all manner of ailments.

Munchausen by Proxy involves making someone close to you sick for similar mentally ill reasons.  I briefly wondered if I was crazy but then remembered that no, I was feeding the dog beets not in a cry for attention and a large vet bill, but for the animal’s health.

Our little vegetable garden turned out not too bad for the amount of effort made.  Margaret’s been taking home onions, tomatoes, beans and yellow squash, and I’ve been eating the same here pretty much daily.  I juice the Swiss chard, beets and celery so figure I can’t possibly be any healthier.

Some decidedly unhealthy things I love to sling down my gullet are the snick snacks and drinks at various joints around town for happy hour.  I meet pals there and we get a poor waitress running like mad as we ask how many minutes until happy hour ends.

And you know how writers want to be published, no matter where, so I continue to write reviews on Trip Advisor and have a small readership there.  Isn’t that adorable?  I just reviewed the lovely Waterfront Café in Kelowna and have to say I adore the little chicken sliders at Cactus Club.

Sour Dough Bread is the New Goal

You know how I like to try out new things and now sour dough bread-making has just landed in my lap.  I was visiting my friend Alice the other day and she said her neighbour had brought over sour dough starter and then showed her how to bake bread.  She asked if I’d like to take some starter home and I reluctantly said I’d try it.

Alice had the good fortune of watching a pro make bread and she took notes as it was happening.  She then printed these for me, but guess what?  They’re pretty damned hard to understand because I wasn’t there.  So now I have to go to You Tube and get taught myself, then tomorrow Ayumi and I are going to try and bake bread.

Our friend Jim brought his new boyfriend, who’s from Argentina, to Osoyoos.  They came to mom’s last week and I stayed for two nights of fun.  As you can imagine, mom can’t make food for herself, let alone guests, so I’m always invited to come to do the cooking, which I enjoy doing.

I was all proud of myself as I’d made lasagna and panna ricotta for dessert.  They arrived at mom’s in time for dinner, at which point Jim said “Federico attended cooking school in Manhattan.”  As this is a family blog, I cannot print the next few words I said to Jim, but the gist of the message to him was could you have told me in advance so that I would’ve really killed myself making something gourmet?

The next night Federico cooked, and he made beef with chimichurri sauce which was delicious.  Just now my friend Beverly was here from White Rock so I said to her I’m going to make steak with chimichurri and it was absolutely delicious.  I have a lot of herbs out on my deck so this is the ideal time to be doing it.

After our usual stint at thrift, Bev and I went over to Luke’s condo to try out his pool.  Jan and Luke have never set foot in it, but I wanted to try it given Luke had said it was a heated pool.

We rang Luke’s and he took us down and unlocked the gates to the pool.  There was just one young couple there lying in the sun and reading.  At one point the strata president, Dennis came by to talk to Luke because Luke does handyman duties for the place.

Bev and I were just slowly easing ourselves into the pool due to its temperature, so I said to Dennis “are you sure this pool is heated??”  He said it was and that it was very comfortable or something like that.  Both Bev and I have swam in my brother’s pool in Maple Ridge which he keeps at 30 degrees C so that’s what we call a heated pool.

Besides watering the vegetables and flowers, I’m now doing the odd stint of door-to-door canvassing for the Liberals.  It’s not a lot of fun, but I look at it as an excellent way to get some good exercise.

We spend two hours walking up, down, up, down streets knocking on doors, and if not kicked right off the stoop, we sometimes have a nice exchange with whoever answers.  It’s really not for the faint-hearted but again, a lovely challenge for a retired individual.

Most Scary Challenges over for the Summer

I admit I really challenged myself this past year, first with vocal lessons, and then with tap dancing.  The vocal lessons were the scariest, as one is alone in a small studio with a person who has a Bachelor of Music degree displayed behind them and a piano in front of them.  Gulp.

Tap was only slightly less terrifying because it involved eight of us and the instructor in a large room.  Hence one could bluff the odd move and get away with it, but alone with the music teacher I could not.  At last, by the final lesson, I had the nerve to just sing loudly and forget about the next pigeon waiting on the chair outside the door.

Scary events that occurred in June included using my GPS to get from Maple Ridge to North Vancouver, and getting to my destination just by luck as half the time it wouldn’t speak at all, and I’d be screaming at it, where to, you bitch.

The same thing returning to my brother’s in Maple Ridge as for fun, while approaching the Port Mann Bridge it was completely silent and I had to use my wits and take the exit for Maple Ridge despite not a whisper.  My God, that is one useless device.

To continue with some adrenaline-inducing fun, I offered to make the food for my friend Beverly’s daughter’s wedding.  There were 45 invited guests and I made sriracha chicken skewers, cocktail meatballs and deviled eggs.  So not all the food that was there, but a good portion of it.

Because I hadn’t found that too difficult, I told mom I wanted to make the dinner for the 20 guests she invited for my 65th birthday party at her house.  For that I made the same sriracha chicken skewers, pork tenderloin marinated in soy sauce, garlic, oil and mustard, and salmon baked with brown sugar and butter.

I also made an Amish pasta salad which contains hard boiled eggs, a Greek Salad and those little red potatoes baked in oil and honey mustard in the oven.  People went berserk over those.

I bought raspberries and made a puree, then used that to make raspberry buttercream for the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes I’d baked.  I stuck a few candles in those and asked my pals Mary and Phyllis to surprise me by carrying them out, singing, which they did.

I believe all those challenges are now behind me, as the rest of the summer I plan to do nothing but hang around in the garden, admiring the dahlias and marveling at their immense size.  They’re a satisfying thing to plant.

As compared to the peppers I planted in the vegetable garden which are the exact same size they were when planted in May.  The radishes turned into tall green blooming plants and the spinach bolted from the heat.

Hence vegetable gardening remains a mystery and a trial, so I suppose while still alive, one can never fully escape scary challenges.

Osoyoos Girls’ Reunion

I survived the reunion, however it was nip and tuck at the beginning.  Renate (“Sam”) arrived as scheduled and spent the night, then as we were waiting for Alison and her husband JT, we decided to go shopping.  As we all know, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

We had a pleasant couple of hours at thrift and were quite surprised to arrive home to Mr. Rooter’s truck parked on the driveway.  I was informed the outlet to the septic tank was plugged, and crap had backed up in the shower stall while Nicky was showering, hence his call to Mr. Rooter.

The first Mr. Rooter person insisted the septic tank must be full and stated we should lift the lid and check it.  He demanded a couple of hundred of dollars for that and left.  Nicky started to dig, at which point Alison and JT arrived and were informed they had to pee on the lawn.

Alison replied, “Damn, I shoulda gone at the restaurant.”  We were basically helpless and finally Nicky got the engine hoist out and lifted the several hundred-pound cement lid and looked in.  Nope, not full.

I then called Mr. Rooter again, and said we needed someone back here.  A new person came who had the sense to lift the basement toilet and snake out the line, thereby dislodging the plug.  Another $600 for that, so an expensive day on the ranch.

The next day JT headed back to Toronto, and Alison, Sam and I went to shop for the groceries for the reunion.  It wasn’t too bad, as it was just $300 for seven people to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days.

We headed up to the house at Kalamalka Lake and were met by the manager who showed us around.  I said to Sam and Alison quick let’s pick the best rooms before the others arrive, which we did.  I had a lovely lakeside room with a queen-sized bed.

Right at the dot of 4:00 PM Rhonda, Penny, Mary and Phyllis arrived and began to stake out the house and the rooms.  After a bit of back and forth everyone was settled into one of the rooms.

Friday night involved barbecued salmon and sitting outside talking and drinking.  Saturday saw a bit of napping and some shopping as Sam thought she’d forgotten her bathing suit, bought a new one, then found her own in her suitcase.

Saturday night Alison made a lovely chicken Marbella recipe, and I’d made my chocolate chunk cake which served as dessert for all three nights.  Phyllis insisted I perform, so I tried to get them all to engage in karaoke with me, but they stunk at it.  You know how you have to be right on top of the highlighting of the word to stay in sync with the music and I was screaming at them, you’re too slow!  Or you’re too fast!

Finally, I performed the old standby, Dream a Little Dream of Me, and they were satisfied with that.  I think most people want me to have turned from a tone-deaf quacker into Celine Dion, but that just didn’t happen.

On Sunday we had a fab adventure as Penny had arranged for us to rent bikes and go on the 26 km rail trail along Kalamalka and Wood Lakes.  They picked us up at the end and drove us back to our vehicles, which were parked at Predator Ridge.

That night we had steak salad, barbecued by Miss Alison, and who would be feted each night by Mary making us say in a chorus “Goooood cookin’, Alison.”

We all felt satisfied at another great reunion, with everyone having good visits and reminisces.  Phyllis brought old photos and we poured over those, feeling perplexed where those thin, smooth-skinned lil’ gals had gone.

I’m sad we didn’t take a photo of the empties when we checked out of there on Monday morning as we had a good lot of them.  And this with two teetotalers in the group, so ya know, those of us drinking had to really pick up the slack.

But basically we’re all rockin’ being 65 and are loving it.  There was alcohol, there was nudity, there was sentimentality over Liz not being there except in spirit form, so we experienced it all once again.  Next reunion 2024.

Maniacal Behaviour Results in Injury

This coming weekend Mary, Rhonda, Renate (AKA Sam), Penny, Alison, Phyllis and I are having a reunion at an Air B and B house we rented on Kalamalka Lake.  As you may know, I met some of these women in grade one when we were six, and some came later over the years.

Sam’s coming from California tomorrow, and Alison will arrive on Thursday, then Friday we’ll head to the house to meet the other four women.  Naturally I’ve gone berserk with baking, cooking, gardening and cleaning in preparation.

Due to all of the food prep, I lost my mind for a moment and put my plastic bowl from the Cuisinart onto a hot burner.  Imagine my surprise when I went to pick it up a while later only to find it had glued itself to the ceramic cook top.  I did get it off, but it never fit onto the base again as it was warped from the heat.

For Christmas Nicky gave me a powerful Ninja brand blender.  I wondered if it could sub in for a Cuisinart, so yesterday I put in some raw cabbage to see if it would shred.  For some stupid reason, I pushed on the cabbage and sliced the Bejesus out of the middle finger of my right hand.

Blood began pouring out, so I wrapped it in a paper towel and checked every few minutes.  Nope, not gonna stop bleeding as it was a deep gash.  I then thought oh crap, I have so much left to do in the house to get ready for the women I’d better get it stitched so I can continue to work.

I hummed and hawed, then drove off to the Orchard Park Medical clinic.  I was all excited at the light as I could see there weren’t many cars parked there, however when I arrived the reason for that was clear as it was closed!  I then went piffle to the cut and drove home.

I bandaged it up very well, but strangely no matter what I do, I seem to hit that finger.  I can’t wring anything out, chop or prune as those motions are killers on the cut.  However, in a few days it’ll be a distant memory, though hopefully one I remember every time I use the Ninja.

For everyone’s enjoyment while here, I made two kinds of muffins, buttermilk oatmeal and bran.  And for the weekend with the women I made a three layer chocolate chunk torte for our desserts, and a banana loaf for breakies.

For dinner tomorrow Sam’s getting wild salmon topped with giant shrimp and all covered in a rich cream sauce.  I have broccoli and cucumber salad for the sides; then homemade panna cotta for dessert.

On Thursday it’ll be lasagne with garlic bread and Caesar salad followed by meringues filled with a mixture of strawberries and rhubarb from my garden.  Then on Friday Alison’s volunteered to take over the cooking duties for the seven of us for the weekend.

On Sunday we’re renting bikes and doing a 26 km trek on the new rail trail, so I hope I can survive that given I haven’t been on a bicycle in 35 years.  I’ll keep you posted.