Another Successful Crone’s Party

Yesterday I had three friends over for Sharon’s birthday dinner and it was all very nice.  I made a salad, followed by a chicken dish, rice, mashed sweet potatoes, carrots and a sweet and sour cucumber salad.  Dessert was a pumpkin pie, which stunk as I put too much spice in it, plus it was kinda mucky so could’ve used more time in the oven.

Despite that the evening was enjoyed by all and we had the pleasure of discussing the types of things crones like to analyze which include recalcitrant children, ex-husbands, knee pain, and the strangeness of Covid rules.  We wondered why we must be vaccinated to enter a restaurant, yet those who work there don’t have to be.  The mysteries of a pandemic.

And I have news to announce. I now have a boarder in the basement suite.  Luke met Calvin during their two-year computer diploma program at the college, and I’d met Calvin a few times at the house.  As he seemed to be a decent person, I suggested to Luke he might be the kind of renter I could stand.

So far so good in that he’s very clean, tidy and quiet, plus loves dogs and cats, so that’s all excellent.  Last night once we’d eaten I took a plate of food down for Calvin because he’s just 23 and I presume, very hungry.  I took down the rest of the soggy pie covered in whip so I hope he ate that, too.

My entrance hall now holds four gigantic containers of dirt, each with a single bamboo stick in them.  Why?  Because mom wouldn’t allow Jan to bring her plants in from the deck so they would’ve frozen outside.  Mom said they were far too ugly, so Jan had resigned herself to the fact they’d soon be dead.

When I heard that I said oh no you don’t, and told her to wrap them in plastic bags and put them on the back of Luke’s pickup and bring them to Kelowna.  They had to come yesterday for her braces’ adjustment at the orthodontist, so they brought the four behemoths in, and I went wow, those really are large.

Jan explained bamboo is good luck to Thais, and so how could I let them all die like that, especially when she’d cut down her lovely bamboo tree to make these four?  The reason for that was mom said the plant was just so ugly, and wouldn’t stop going on about it, and so Jan said fine and cut it down.  You can see why I just couldn’t let those four pieces go.

I’m fortunate I don’t have to say more than three or four words to friends, and they’re not at all disturbed about it.  I told Petra my entrance looks bad due to these huge pots and she replied well it’s not supposed to be a show home ya know, so with friends like that I can roll with the punches.  Once their modular home finally arrives the plants will be returned to Osoyoos.

This morning my first task was the dishes from the crones, and even though I don’t use my dishwasher it took no more than an hour for the house to look like nothing had even occurred the night before.  The most challenging part of it has been trying to get the white couch’s cover back on as it’s one of those puzzles for which one needs a physics degree.

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