Last Dip, Large Tip

I don’t like to swim in cold water at the best of times, but will do it if I know I’m going to be snorkeling and seeing amazing tropical fish.  To suddenly be in Osoyoos Lake on the Labour Day weekend was an unexpected last dip for the season.  And if I may be totally honest with you, the only dip of the season as swimming in the lake holds zero appeal.

Luke bought himself a really adorable older motor boat, and he’s very proud of it and wanted to show it off.  Our friends Jim and Fede were in Osoyoos visiting mom over the weekend, so when I showed up Luke talked the three of us into taking a boat ride with him.  I fought it long and hard saying it wasn’t a hot day, the lake wasn’t calm enough, but in the end he forced his hand.

We hauled the boat to a launch area down near the Inkaneep Lodge Motel, and Fede and I got into the boat on the shore, and Luke pushed it out and hopped in.  Jim then drove the truck and trailer back to mom’s property and walked down to the lake where Luke said we’d pick him up.

Luke could only get within several metres of shore so Jim had to wade out and he’s one of these hilarious people whose feet are obviously made of paper as the rocks were killing him every step of the way.  Finally he was about waist deep and able to clamber into the boat and we took off across the lake at a high rate of speed.

Because of the waves the boat did that womp womp womp thing but nonetheless it wasn’t cold so we enjoyed looking around at the scenery.  We arrived at a sandy beach across the lake which was pretty busy with tourists and their very fancy expensive boats and a lot of gals with long blonde hair, tans, and thong bathing suits.

Once tired of it all we returned to mom’s lakeshore lot and Luke said okay mom you have to hop out.  I said hop out?  Into the lake?  I was wearing a bra, underpants, capri shorts, a blouse and sandals.  This was the place where Jim had waded out to, so I knew it would be around waist deep for me.

I said oh crap, and took off my blouse and shorts, and then handed my sandals to Jim who was already in the lake.  I said “sorry about this underwear I would’ve worn a really good pair had I known” and hopped into the lake, and sure enough it was waist deep.  I waded to shore and ran to mom’s with my waded up clothing in my hands, shoes in the other.

Way more fun ensued as we all went to the French restaurant Convivia in Osoyoos.  It was one of those crazy nights whereby everyone was in high spirits, so a lot of drinks were ordered.  Cosmopolitans, White Russians, Caesars, Margaritas, a bottle of wine, more rounds of the same cocktails.

It was super busy so we ordered two platters of calamari and then Jim said let’s get escargot too, so we said hell why not.  Then came our food, and mine was steak frites, the fries cooked in duck fat.  Everyone reported their food as good.

Naturally Spanish Coffees were needed all around afterward and then mom handed me her purse and credit card and I looked at the bill but kept a neutral look on my face: $450.  Tip at 20% and you’ve got yourself one helluva nice restaurant bill.

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