Car Ruined At Oil Change Shop

Elsa and I had planned to go to Grand Forks to visit the kids this weekend, so I thought I’d better get the winter tires on as it was raining, and Nick said they were almost bare and not great even on wet surfaces, never mind snow.  Because it’s been mild weather winter tires were the last thing on my mind, so I hadn’t made an appointment at a tire place but recalled Pennzoil on Harvey Avenue, now The Great Canadian Oil Change, advertised tire changeovers.

I had Calvin load the tires into my car and waited at the shop until it was my turn.  One stays in the vehicle and so I was quite amazed and shocked at the very loud blows the car was getting to all four wheels.  The car shook as the sledgehammers crashed into it, and I thought wow, I’ve never seen Nick struggle like this with my tires, so I wonder what’s going on.

A kid opened my door and said the winter tires didn’t fit.  I said well that’s odd as my son’s put them on in the past, but they insisted, no they didn’t so put my summers back on and loaded the winters into my car.  I drove off confused as in the past when Nick’s done my tires there’s been little difficulty.

Going the short distance to Superstore was okay however coming down Benvoulin where one can go 80 KPH I heard a terrible sound in the back of my car.  It scared me so I headed straight home and told Calvin to test drive the car to see what he thought.  He came in afterward and said “your car is f.ed.”  However he didn’t use just the letter f.

I phoned The Great Canadian Oil Change and spoke to Gavin the manager, who said the hub caps were so badly rusted on any shop would’ve had to sledgehammer the car like that.  I said look.  There’s damage to my car, I’m taking it into a mechanic, and I want you to pay for it.  He said not to drive the car, however also asked if I could return with it for them to look at, and then go to a mechanic, and I said okay.

I’m certainly not returning there for them to ever touch anything on my car again, however want to follow all the steps in case we end up in Small Claims Court.  I’m now at home, no trip to Grand Forks, and no ability to drive anywhere at all thanks to these people.  Who sledgehammers a car’s wheels so hard the whole vehicle shakes?

Then I stupidly thought the awful knee pain was largely behind me and started to do yoga again which caused a flare-up so the past few nights I’ve been awake with the stabbing pains on the inside of my knee.  I guess I should read the signs, and just stay on the couch, eating as much as I can while I watch my new favourite show on Netflix, The Great Canadian Baking Show.

My second favourite occurs on Sunday late afternoon on Global called the Chocolate Showdown.  Between the two of them you’re compelled to eat as much sweetened food as you can possibly get down your gullet.  It’s part of the experience, though whatever you’re eating is dreck compared to what the people on both shows make.

So here I am, marooned, and had e mailed Elsa saying she’ll have to drive me to the store on Monday, to which she replied she’s hit a curb and blew a tire so is also incapacitated.  I tell ya, the signs are clear as glass: do nothing.

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