Dry Anything Doesn’t Work For Me

I admire friends and family members who do Dry November, and now Dry January, but for me it simply doesn’t work.  My great worry is that life might end some day, and I’ll have wasted my time on temperance when I could’ve had a much more pleasant time.  With this stupid Covid stuff as well as the normal boredom of a Canadian winter, alcohol is pretty much de rigueur.

In a normal year, Margaret and I would be ga ga over our impending trip to the Yucatan, but this year we’re left with riots, impeachments and pandemics to placate us.  It’s better than nothing, and I thank God we live in the age of the Internet for instant news.

Last week I went to the hairdresser and told her to cut the hair short, which she did.  I now have hair about four inches in length.  It’s a lot better regarding the curl, but I do that funny double take every time I catch sight of my mannish head whenever I pass a mirror.  Boredom leads to strange things.

Won’t you be surprised when I finally announce I have well water?  I have the well, but now I need the pipes to connect it to the house and to my irrigation box.  Thinking about it gives me the Willies because my place is covered in ghastly asphalt (done decades ago before people knew it was an environmental blight) and I imagine the trenching that’s going to occur.

However one interesting way I’ve found to deal with thoughts like that, besides the cocktails, is watching You Tube documentaries about us all being in a computer simulation.  Actually these programs work best in conjunction: cocktail plus You Tube = some minding-blowing stuff that you forget by the next morning.

Did you love Lady Gaga at Biden’s Inauguration?  I was absolutely crazy for her performance because I love that kind of drama when she sang ‘and the flag was still there’ pointing to the American flag.  It makes a Canadian sniffle from that old fashioned US sentimentality.

Like much of the world I yearn for that old US sentimentality, but it seems to be a fight for them to keep their democracy at this point.  Say what you will, I believe our system works best because we don’t have a two-party system.  Remember when the Conservatives were reduced to two seats?  That’d never happen in the US which is a pity.

I ordered a fridge from Rona in August and was told it’d come in November due to delays from, guess what, Covid.  Then they called in November and said it’d be here in February.  I phoned today and they said oopsies, that fridge has been discontinued.  I said why on Earth didn’t someone let me know?  Needless to say, I cancelled the order and will shop elsewhere.

I e mail mom every morning and she then phones to say she’s alive.  Then I phone around 4:00 to see how she is, and these calls can go on.  If I didn’t have a Caesar in my hand for these calls, I simply wouldn’t be able to handle them.  And because they go on November, January or whenever, you can clearly see how my life and the dry life just aren’t a good match.

One thought on “Dry Anything Doesn’t Work For Me

  1. You’re right, Covid is totally annoying. Unfortunately I don’t can go to the hairdresser, because they are closed since December last year. My hair are to long.

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