Unusual Things People Do

I’m still without a cell phone which causes many people to raise their eyebrows in alarm as it’s so unusual.  But I continue to monitor those around me and find their behaviour turns me off the devices.  One friend has the phone beside her at all times and though she tries to act like we’re interacting she’s not able to pry her eyes off it as I catch her in sideways glances.

Another friend cannot stop photographing each and every step we take, every bite we eat, every drink, and these are immediately sent out to whoever.  Then another friend likes to talk on the phone so even if we’re shopping and it rings, she answers it and speaks at length.

Here’s more unusual behaviour.  Denis has sold his house two blocks from the lake in Kelowna, and has bought a small old dump of a house in the town of Midway, population five hundred.  He’s going to move about a hundred miles from here at the end of April ha, and has a one-year-old grandson, so who does that?

And you may recall Luke and Jan are residing in his grotty basement, so they’re moving, and guess where?  If you said Hall Road, you’d be close, as they’ve decided to move in with my mom in Osoyoos.  It seems both children cannot live on their own and must bunk down with a parent or grandparent.

Mom’s pretty much over the moon with joy and excitement about Luke’s plans as she’s turning 96 in two weeks so she’s looking forward to the security of having people there.  I think it’ll be a wonderful experiment to see who drives who nuts first.  Both Jan and mom have been known to have a stubborn streak.

Another unusual choice was the white couch I bought for the living room, and which immediately got paw prints on it when Frieda decided to jump up with muddy feet.  As my luck with thrift stores would have it, I found the perfect light brown sofa cover and now I can enjoy the couch plus the four pets.

As you may recall I got Frieda last year and she was finally spayed two days ago.  My vet is so nice and such a competent person the dog came home in great shape, however she said don’t let the dog jump onto furniture or go up or down stairs for four days.  Unfortunately, it being Frieda, by Day Two she was on everything, refusing to listen to my commands to get and stay down.

To kill time the other day I thought why not go through the bathroom drawers and cull things I don’t use.  I was amazed by the amount of products I own, and how I really don’t need to buy another lotion, toner, cleanser or moisturizer for years.  As with gifts, it’s always best for me to shop in my own home whenever I think I need anything.

And of course, cleaning out is the theme at mom’s as she prepares for Luke and Jan’s arrival.  Every time I go we clean out another bunch of drawers and I take masses of things to thrift, and of course some has to go to the dump.  Mom’s so hilarious in that she says everything should go to thrift, at which point I explain a stained table cloth or a moth-eaten sweater aren’t going to sell well when new items are dirt cheap.  It’s a learning curve for all.

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