Thank God for U.S. Politics

If you’re interested in politics, I bet like me, you thought oh no, once Biden’s elected that’s it for anything of note to occur in the U.S.  Aren’t we all laughing at ourselves now?  I’ve become one of those news-consuming zombies roving from You Tube clip to You Tube clip, searching for the juiciest piece of meat I can find. 

And thank God for that as there’s not an awful lot to do.  Yesterday I raked pine needles blown down from a windstorm and thought, wow, that was a busy day.  Even though there’s not a hint of winter here, I mostly stay inside pretending because it’s January, that’s fine.

I got a nice colouring book and set of felt pens for Christmas so have been spending hours a day at it, choosing colour combos and trying hard to stay within the lines.  The life of the retired person, during a pandemic, in winter is a toughie to embellish.

Last week when I visited mom she asked me to go downstairs to check and see if everything was okay.  I went down and noticed the root cellar door was open and there was the sound of water running.  I turned on the light and saw a tap that was left in the on position, dumping water down the dirt wall causing a minor mudslide.

This disgusting and grotty room has freaked me out since childhood, and I really wish mom would find a way of getting rid of it.  She likes to patiently explain that seventy years ago she had no fridge, so that’s why it was there.  And I usually reply but now that we actually have a fridge, must we also have this dirt sided room in the house?

And it being Osoyoos and all, for some reason the exterior irrigation system’s pipes are turned off inside this room.  How someone deemed this to be a sensible idea I do not know, but we’re kind of stuck with it, probably for another seventy years.

Last fall I ordered some giant dahlias from Ferncliff Gardens in Mission so that’s something positive upon which to focus.  As well the people who’ll do the piping from my well to the house are coming tomorrow to measure and figure it all out, so that’ll be exciting as the new season begins.

Today I had some fun in that I watched baby Justin while his mom went out and his dad was busy with work.  He’s now 11 months old and so adorable and funny.  But my God that’s an easy baby compared to my own two.  I’d given him a few pieces of orange in his high chair and was making myself some toast when I turned to see he’d fallen asleep.

I carried him downstairs and put him into his crib and he didn’t move a muscle.  People often say skipping straight to grandparenthood would probably be best, but it just doesn’t work.

You may recall I was hoping to get a standard dachshund puppy, but they’re now $2800 so I decided if I love the breed so much I should give back and adopt an adult that’s been rejected.  God knows I’ve had difficult dogs who I raised from puppyhood, so how much worse could it be?

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