Hoping for a Better Year Ahead

A lot of interesting things happened to me in 2020, aside from the usual pandemic.  As you may recall I was hit by a flying truck tire, many things such as the washing machine and built-in vacuum broke, and I got Frieda the menacing dachshund.  My only sibling died and I became a grandmother for the first time.  It’ll be a while before we forget 2020.

But that’s last year, and so I want to focus on what wonderful things may occur in this new one.  Because of how traumatizing each month of last year was, I haven’t bothered with a single resolution because life has a way of slapping those out of our hands.

Sadly I ate like a horse over the holidays and so that’s one area that needs correcting.  Right now I’m staring at a half-eaten bag of chips and recalling last night’s entire box of After Eight mints.  And all this after watching a program about the dangers of sugar to the old liver.

One area of tremendous joy has been a sewing project.  I bought two curtain panels for $4.00 each at Value Village the other month but they were about six inches too short.  Recently I found a complimentary fabric and decided to lengthen the panels by sewing a border onto the bottom.

To make everything look all bespoke-ish and not like I lengthened too short curtains, I covered some throw pillows and the seat of a bamboo chair with the same fabric and it looks ritzy and nice.  The joy of accomplishment.

On Monday Denis is coming to take down the outside Christmas lights and I’ll get rid of the tree.  On Thursday Leon’s Furniture is delivering a couch I ordered a couple of months ago.  It was adorable as they kept phoning and wondering when I’d like to take possession of it.

In a call about a month ago, the poor woman asked in a plaintive voice, “Is it because of Christmas you don’t want it delivered?” and I said yes plainly it was.  In fact I recall telling the woman receiving the couch at this time would push me right over the edge.  It being the Year of Covid, she didn’t flinch and said fine, no problem.

However a few days ago when they called they did the old “Your couch is sitting in our warehouse” IE implying it’s in their way, so I said fine, deliver it.  Once the tree’s out, that’s exactly where the couch will go, right under the large windows.  I’m quite excited about it now.

It’s kind of an off-white which is a bit dangerous with the animals, so I figure when I’m here alone (99% of the time) I can covered it with a blanket.  But I also want to get throw pillows to tie into the existing rattan couch, so that’ll be an excellent project as I scour the thrift stores for either the pillows ready made, or a fabric to cover them with.

And that folks is how tiny my life is after the shocks of 2020.  I think it might be best to think small, and if nothing bad happens, hey, it’s an excellent year.  Margaret and I are heartbroken not to be off to the Yucatan as we love to do, but that’s okay.  Once we’re all released from this we’ll enjoy it all the more, just as I will do when the couch arrives.

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