Almost Christmas

Because I’ve learned the hard way, I never enter a room prior to turning on the light.  When you own small dogs, that kind of reckless choice can mean a foot caked in dog feces, or a wet sock.  Neither is nice.  I just mention this as I very nearly went into my guest bedroom for something without turning on the light, and went whoa, better be safe with Frieda living in this house.

Margaret came over for dinner last night and I said to her ya know, I’m gonna miss covid.  Next year if I don’t want to do something, what can I say, covid?  And the person will go but with the vaccine it’s all safe to do.  Then what?  I won’t have the convenience of replying to things I don’t want to do, “um ya know, covid”, and they nod in agreement.

Now that Christmas is very nearly upon us, I’ve discovered that I wasted an awful lot of time and now have to shop in desperation for the last few things, and also start baking.  Yes, start.  Most people have completed all their baking, but not here.  Why?  Covid.

Kidding.  I’m just a lazy, procrastinating slob.  But speaking of lazy, Nicky said he wanted used cross country skis, so I went on-line and researched and found a pair with boots that might work, however the person said you really must try them on.  I told Nicky who said he found it unnecessary to try this stuff on, and said to forget it!

The family’s certainly setting new low bars for covidness.  I think the kid blew it, as he could’ve said “covid” as the reason he couldn’t possibly take the time to try on the boots and skis.  I still would’ve been mad, but maybe less so.

Do you see how we’ll miss covid next year?  Every single thing we won’t want to do will involve thinking of some convoluted reason.  Life will be harder.

Louie had surgery on his anus to have a small tumour removed and is in good spirits as a result.  I was worried about the anaesthesia as on two prior occasions, albeit with a different vet, he came home a dishrag and remained like that for five days.  This time he came home feeling great so I was quite relieved.

The cats have insisted on bringing large rats into the house, sometimes dead, sometimes not.  The other morning one was hiding behind the piano which I then moved and snap crackle pop brave old Louie had grabbed the rat and bit and shook it to death.  It was too large to pick up with a paper towel as I would’ve vomited, so needed to get a shovel from outside.

More racket ensured as Frieda was hell bent on knocking down all the plants to get behind the credenza in the entrance.  I kept telling her to stop it saying there’s nothing there as I thought she was just smelling the old dead rat but no.  Soon after there was screaming and a cacophony of noise and plop, another dead rat thanks to our hero Louie.

You’ll recall I had the dead Stellar’s Jay sitting in my toilet a few months ago, and now the rats, so I hope the cats will move on to a new, smaller target for their nightly fun.  Now besides turning on lights to avoid dog messes, I have to be wary of rat carcasses.  Oh well, it’s all part and parcel of 2020 isn’t it?  Have a Merry rat free Christmas!

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