More Tense Times

It’s quite the year, isn’t it?  Now the American president is refusing to accept the election results, and the rest of the world is left scratching their heads.  We thought the election was the end of the idiocy, but nopers, this guy just keeps on coming with stupid remarks.

But of course we all secretly thank him because he, along with bright moments like Season Four of The Crown, and egg nog showing up in the stores, is what’s keeping our brains from drying up completely during this pandemic.  We may all rail against Trump and his autocratic musings, but hey, in January we’ll be back to observing a steady hand at the wheel, and where’s the fun in that?

Today of all days I’m trying particularly hard to remain in the present moment, as tomorrow Louie has to have surgery on his anus.  A sensitive area, to be sure.  The vet examined him and said a small tumour there has to come out, so I’ve had to make my peace with the fact the dog’s going to have a bad day or two.

The worst of it will be in the morning when there’s no food, a most shocking outcome for a dachshund.  After that comes the terror of being dropped at a busy vet hospital on an empty stomach, his mother nowhere in sight.  That’s the part that I have to try to remain calm about.

It seems 2020 wants to keep handing out the bad news until the very last day.  But compared to poor people who’ve lost their businesses or their elderly family due to covid, it’s not a lot to complain about.  Imagine those who couldn’t be with a family member at the end of their lives; it’d be unconscionable for me to carry on over the dog.

And yet.  Fortunately I’ll have Frieda and the cats to hang with, and my pal Marie’s coming over with her guitar and we’re going to set up the microphone I bought but was too afraid to try.  It comes in a box, and may need some batteries or something else even more scary so I’ve just left it alone, waiting for someone brave to come and help.

Because we live in a low covid zone, our lives don’t seem as affected as those in the Lower Mainland, which is lucky.  Today I went to Value Village as it’s 30% off for seniors on Tuesdays, and it was pretty full.  It was a great day, as I got some curtains for my bedroom for $8.00 for the pair.

I figured since we’re all running around with masks anyway, this’d be the perfect time to get Invisalign to straighten my lower teeth.  Have you noticed Rudy Guiliani’s lower teeth?  Mine aren’t quite that bad, but why wait until they are?  It’ll cost a fortune, but what the hell, I’m not going to Mexico in February.  Sob.

I can report I’ve written 18 pages of my memoir of the fruitcake business, and man, is it ever hard.  Did you know a memoir has to be written in scenes, just like a novel?  Me neither, but I’m learning a lot about writing scenes and hope I can master them as allegedly one needs about 60 of them.  My God.

Being the lazy slob that I am, days go by when I don’t go anywhere near it, and then to make myself feel better I say it’s fine, we’re in a pandemic and we have to take it easy on ourselves.  It works like a damn whenever I want to feel fine with doing nothing.

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