Tense Times

One week from tomorrow is the American election, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ga ga with anticipation and hope for a happy result.  In Canada when there’s a huge early voter turnout it means the public is voicing their displeasure at the current government and a change is coming.  Let’s hope that’s what the early voting in the USA means, too.

In the meantime, the year 2020 continues to surprise.  On Friday we had heavy snow, which is the earliest I’ve ever seen in my thirty years at this house.  I had to get Nicky to haul the fig tree into the garage in a blizzard which must be a shock to a Mediterranean plant.

My fridge is old and ready to break so I ordered a new one at Rona about a month ago and they said delivery would occur around November third.  Today some nice person phoned to say nopers, it’s now coming February third.  I said to him, ya know, given all that’s occurring this year, I’m neither upset nor surprised.

The City has now phoned three times regarding the water meter they want to install, and I keep telling them one day I’ll get a well.  Now that it’s snowed I contacted the drilling company and if they can’t do it until spring (why am I not shocked at that) then the City will just have to wait.

A few days ago I spent an hour and a half clowning around with baby Justin who’s now just over eight months old, so he’s crawling and pulling himself up to standing whenever and wherever he can.  Of course he’s brilliant and adorable, so it’s a nice way to spend time in the Covid, snowy, no-product-delivery days we’re in.

I performed all of my fall rituals: I put ripe figs into jars with brandy syrup, took out the dahlias for winter storage and planted early tulips.  I filled an entire bed in the vegetable garden with garlic cloves, so I’m hoping for a bounty next July.  Less fun was hauling the hoses into the garden shed and pulling out the muddy stakes I used for the tomatoes.

On the good news side of things, I decided to make a very serious attempt at writing the memoir of my time in the fruitcake business.  I found old notes of when I tried to do this in the past, so it’s obviously something I must do.  I’m fortunate I have all my blogs from those years as well as the newspaper and magazine articles, all of which will be needed to jog my memory.

Yesterday Margaret and I went to the farmer’s market held at the East Kelowna Community Hall.  A nice woman had cards laid out, and we could pick one to get some advice about our futures.  My card said “New Career” and she explained it means any new project, and I said oh my God that’s so wonderful because I’ve just started writing my memoir.

Steve MacNaull, a super nice journalist formerly of the Kelowna Daily Courier, wrote such a nice post about me three years ago mentioning my blogsite which I somehow had missed.  I copied and pasted it into my Nuttier than a Fruitcake Facebook page so you can read it there.  In any case, you need to watch that space for news of the memoir’s progress, should there by any.

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