Prepping for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanks to having my car returned to me after nearly seven weeks, I’m independent once again.  I spent the last few days picking up those Thanksgiving items one needs such as Brussels sprouts and yams, and I found a nice small ten-pound turkey.

I’m making the usual pumpkin pie but I wanted chocolate as well and found some decent items to add to our dinner.  One can never consume too much sugar at a family event. 

My favourite thing to do in the evenings as I watch TV is to slam back pounds of keto chocolate delights I make for myself.  Just now I made keto peanut butter cups and those will be one of the highlights of this evening’s activities.

These activities include making cocktails and watching shows like Modern Family and Schitt’s Creek.  I’ve recently started colouring again.  In other words, a very good use of my time.

Another excellent use is baking and cooking, which I do every day.  I had my group of women, which I call The Crones over the other day for a birthday party, and they were happy with my efforts.  I didn’t tell them, but I tried making an angel food cake with gluten-free flour and it was a mess which I had to throw out, and then thank God I had an angel food cake mix in the pantry.

I’m still waiting to see if I can actually get a well, so in the meantime I just have to wait as there’s not a thing I can do about it.  As I said in the last blog, we’re waiting for the shorter truck to become available given the area where I can drill is so small.

Most people are very perplexed as to why a person would disconnect from the City of Kelowna’s water system and pay to have a well installed.  I just have this crazy dream wherein water is so expensive people stop watering, and yet here it’ll be a verdant oasis where I can grow masses of dahlias and garlic and run barefoot throughout, dogs in tow.

In the meantime my hanging basket is looking great, as are the containers of snap dragons which I grew from seed.  Now I have so many ripe figs it’s not possible to eat them all so I have to figure out what else one does with them.  Fun!

I realize without tap dancing or singing lessons I have to make my own fun this fall and winter, so feel very glad I began the habit of meeting friends for hour-long walks and talks.  That’s been such a nice aspect of Covid.  Once the smoke cleared October was really sunny and warm so that’s made walking pleasant and appealing.

Marie figured out the mall is unlocked before regular hours for mall walkers, so that’ll be a great destination for truly cold and snowy days.  I found a couch at Leon’s Furniture which I bought, so walking in the mall can be a bit of a danger as well.  Just so you’re aware.

It should be an interesting Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening with Denis and the kids, as Luke decided he and Jan should sell the condo and move in with Denis.  They’ll be coming over here after a full day of packing and unpacking so the moods of all will be fascinating to observe.

One thought on “Prepping for Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. I’ve put figs (with the stems cut off) into a jar and then filled it with brandy. After a while (weeks? months? Can’t remember) you have lovely figs to put over ice cream – and interesting brandy, if you want to drink it. I gave jars of the preserved figs as gifts and then just put more in the jar.

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