Glad to be getting away from this rut

Honest to God, one day melts into the next, and I rarely know what day of the week it is.  I find the gym helpful that way, as I can usually recall whatever workout I’ve been at and then it helps me remember what day it is.  IE if I’ve done Denise’s class, it must be Tuesday.

On sunny days I can see how filthy the house is, so I’ve been cleaning things such as the China cabinets.  I took out all the items, cleaned them, dusted the shelves and cleaned the glass panels, and then put all of the dear things back.  A very small minority were culled.  It’s been a very satisfying activity.

When I was cleaning one of the cabinets I was reminded of the quail egg that exploded inside there last spring.  Though a tiny egg, its innards sure spread far inside that shelf.  There was dried egg yolk on many surfaces including my little antique clocks.

I was thrilled when I found that intact egg, as most are damaged from the fall.  This one was pristine, so I thought it’d look adorable among my antiques.

The sun shines in through the dining room window and streams into the cabinet, so of course one day due all of the heat, pow, the egg blew.  And it took days before I really looked over there and went what the heck’s up with that egg?  Then I looked at the shelf where it sat and saw the blown contents.

I thought I’d gotten rid of all of the egg yolk, but any forensics expert will tell you it’s pretty hard to get rid of all the evidence.  Which reminds me, I’ve been watching a series called Forensics which profiles a new murder in each episode and then shows how forensics helped solve the case.

This may or may not be overkill, but I bought two disposable underwater cameras for my trip to Hawaii.  That would be a lot of fish encounters at 54 shots.  But Renate and her husband are taking me to a marine reserve called Hanauma Bay to snorkel and the websites say the water’s teeming with fish.

I asked Renate if they like herring, and of course they do as she’s German and he’s Danish.  I said I plan to make my granny’s herring salad while there.  This is so ethnic, and if you don’t like herring, you’d really hate this.  But it’s just a mixture of chopped hard boiled eggs, cooked potatoes and beets, dill pickles and pickled herring, mixed with a good amount of mayonnaise.

Just like last Friday, today the nice chiropractor said to me, “So do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?”  As usual, I had to try and figure out where in the week we were so I could answer appropriately and quickly recalled it was Friday.

I said something to the effect of you must be joking, as I felt explaining feeling wild with excitement over a cleaning project would fall flat.

However next Friday when I see him I’m going to be able to answer, “Well yes actually I’m off to Hawaii to snorkel with crazy big groups of lovely fish.”