Record Snow

When Denis came over on Boxing Day, you’ll recall I’d made a pot roast.  The three of them like lashings of mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding covered in gravy.  They were sitting together at one of the table, which seats six, there were two empty chairs, and then I sat at the opposite end to Denis.  IE our old spots.

As soon as we started eating Wrecks jumped onto the table beside me, as is our custom, and I began giving him small bits of meat which he was eating on the tablecloth.  The three of them were screaming “ew” and making all sorts of disparaging remarks about my cat.  I replied calmly, “Why does it hurt you when my cat and I enjoy dining together?”

Even though Denis and Nicky hadn’t done a thing, Luke replied, “I don’t see any one of you three getting girlfriends or boyfriends any time soon.”  How insulting!  I said I already have two boyfriends, my dog and this cat.

It snowed for 24 hours, starting on Sunday and ending on Monday afternoon, causing a record snowfall.  It’s the most snow that’s fallen in that amount of time in 40 years.  It took me yesterday and today, shovelling in twenty minute increments, to be able to get my car out of the carport and onto the driveway.  Nicky did the long hill of the drieway, but it’s still coated in compact snow, so if it freezes it’ll be like a skating rink.

In a way it’s been great as I saved a bunch of money just by staying home.  I missed the gym, but then with two hours of shovelling I probably expended as many calories as I do in the classes.  And God knows our homes store enough food for months, never mind three days, so there hasn’t been any noticeable lack of anything.

But tomorrow I have the chiro at 10:40 so I simply have to get out of here.  I’m going to take my friend Phyllis’ advice and start seeing a chiro to work on the migraines.  She said try it, and certainly I want to do anything necessary to be rid of them.  When I was in Osoyoos Dr. Hamilton visited and said over time a lot of people just get too old for them and they seem to stop on their own.  Hallelujah!

Did I tell you I’m off to Hawaii for a week on January 26th?  I’m very excited as I’ve never been to Oahu before.  I’ll be staying with Renate and her husband Peter, as they’re based there for three years while he manages a golf course.  Otherwise they live in Palm Springs, and you’ll recall that was the site of our reunion last year.

Because I was in a bit of a funk, likely as a hangover from the flu, I started re-reading the Power of Now.  Have you read it?  You really should as it helps a person get a grip on stupid thoughts which none of us need to be having in the first place.  Why recall negative things as it does nothing except ruin your present, otherwise good moment?

I was glad I’d read the book about the 33 trapped Chilean miners just prior to this snowstorm.  I had read about their hellish 69 days in a scalding hot, humid, dark mine, and how they’d still work and dig at the rocks.  It helped me persevere shovel after shovel of snow when I wanted to pack it in entirely and just stay here until March.

Never mind, in less than three weeks I’ll be on the beach, not giving a whit about snow.  I sent a link about the snowstorm to Renate so she’ll understand my joy upon arrival.