Off I Go!

Tomorrow at noon Denis is coming to pick me up and driving me to the airport. First I fly to Vancouver, hang around the airport for three hours, and then at 5:30 PM my plane leaves for Honolulu. I’m really excited about it.

Due to my prior experiences, I plan on taking a couple of sandwiches with me. When Marilyn and I flew to Kauai in 2009 our plane left around the same time. The staff of our airline were kind enough to announce there was no food whatsoever on the flight, so if anyone wanted food, to please go to a vendor and get some.

Because I’m loathe to pay $12 for a tuna sandwich, I plan on making my own at home. I also have a couple of books ready to go, and will probably cause some sort of a sensation as I sit and read, turning pages, while every other human peers at a screen. The younger ones will come and ask me what it is I’m holding, and what I’m doing.

I finally got with the program, and attended a federal Liberal volunteer meeting on Wednesday night. There were perhaps 16 of us, with 4 party officials IE the riding president, campaign manager, and so on in attendance. I’m looking forward to the upcoming campaign.

Nicky was shocked when I told him I was leaving the house after dark and going to a meeting. His new Japanese girlfriend is surprised how neither he nor I leave this house. I said to her we have an expression that goes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I’m also going to re-visit beekeeping, despite my prior negative experience. You’ll recall my hive came infested with a fungus that killed the bees, and then in the spring a mother bear and her three cubs came and demolished the wooden hive.

This time I’m getting what are called nucs, or baby bees. Also, I’m getting a nice clean hive and I’m attending a workshop given by the vendor on May 16th. That way surely to God I’m finally going to achieve my goal of being a beekeeper.

I went to both my GP and chiropractor on Friday, still on my quest to solve the migraine problem. My GP ordered neck X rays as she thinks I may have arthritis in there, but as I said to the chiropractor afterwards, what will it mean if I do? What does a person do about it as there’s no cure for arthritis?

Mom pooh poohed arthritis and pointed out I have no neck pain, and I agreed, but said I have headaches and a grinding sound in my neck, so perhaps I do have it. If I do, all the sites say one has to do physical exercises to strengthen neck muscles. What the heck I’m doing at the gym four times a week I don’t know.

So in other words, no one knows why I have migraines, and I’m continuing to explore treatments on my own. Now I’m taking a supplement called tryptophan which is recommended for migraines, and also upping the vitamin B6 and water. This doesn’t bode well for the next few decades, does it?

But in the meantime, I have the opportunity to absorb one full week of vitamin D, so that should do this old carcass a lot of good. Aloha!