Excellent Ways to Get Rid of Money

You know how I’m always buying stuff at thrift stores, and that’s because so many things can’t be bought there, so it helps balance things out.  For example, my muffler fell off and had to be replaced, the washing machine is on its way out, as evidenced by the loud squealing noise, and the dog was just at the vet’s for removal of spear grass from his ear.

I’m happy to say I belong to a family of thrift store shoppers as mom and I found out last weekend when we visited Freddie and Wendy in Maple Ridge.  The girls, Sunny and Julie, came over with their husbands and children, and we all had a merry old time.

In conversation it soon became apparent that scouring thrift stores is what Schillers like to do.  We come by it honestly as my dad liked nothing better than to roam the Osoyoos dump, looking for treasures.  We still have the silver sets he found dumped by old Mr. and Mrs. Horner’s kids.

But really, the spear grass removal was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever agreed to.  The vet said he’d have to put the dog to sleep, and so I had to fast the dog and bring him into the clinic at 8:30 AM.  Then the girl said to pick him up at 4:00 PM.

I said why, for spear grass removal??  And she said well after anaesthetic they like to watch the dog, so it’s better to leave him there.  When I picked him up he was three quarters dead from the anaesthetic, and it was a ten second procedure.

Next time the animal shakes his head and holds it to the side I’m going to call a friend to hold his head while I get a flashlight and tweezers.  I’m certainly not spending over $250 for damned spear grass removal again ($130 for anaesthetic, $75 for the exam and $35 for the ten second removal).

The dog threw up mightily all the way to Maple Ridge and back so he’s quite a delicate little fellow.  However once we got there it was fine as he could race around on my brother’s huge lawn, right on Whonnock Lake.  There are only five houses around that lake so it’s really beautiful and quiet.

It’d just been Sunny’s 38th birthday a few days prior, so we had a birthday dinner complete with a carrot cake made by Julie and there were a few gifts, too.  Sunny has two girls, Journey and River, and they’re 6 and 3 so they enjoyed romping around with the mutt.

Once we got back to Kelowna mom headed off to Osoyoos, and I got back to the matter at hand.  I’ve got fruitcake orders looming, and a lot of baking to do.  And can you believe it, just as I’ve decided to get out of wholesale baking, a lovely chi chi store in Toronto contacted me.

John Mastroianni of Pusateri’s Fine Foods telephoned and asked if I baked wholesale, and I said I just got out of it or it would’ve killed me.  I said if and when my daughter in law ever gets here, and if she wants to learn the fruitcake biz, we may go to wholesale again.

In the meantime I’m happy to continue lovingly hand-producing fruitcakes for my loyal followers.