Turkey Dinners

Because I’m an old cripple I now have to haul my carcass into massage therapy regularly.  If I drive for over an hour my right leg is in so much pain I have to grab the thigh with my hand while I’m driving and try to focus.  So now I see a lovely young woman who does evil, painful things to my muscles, and yet I return for more.

I don’t know what part of her body she’s using as of course one is face-down.  It feels sharp, so maybe she’s leaning on my back with her elbow, silently mouthing the words to the music playing softly in the background.  Sometimes I gasp out the words, “Oh my God, this is so painful”, and her reply is “good.”

But I suppose this is why one gets out of the wholesale manufacture of fruitcakes.  The boxes of fruit, flour and sugar weigh a lot coming the house, and then the fruitcakes weigh a lot leaving the house.  This is why I have to attend the gym like a religious fanatic attends church.

On Thursday the Woman’s Place Gym had their annual fashion show, so Kathy and I went.  We met at Moxie’s for a drink, and arrived right at 6:30 when the doors opened and we got our seats.  They had appies and wine, and a draw for gifts.

Each time I walked past the ticket box I put my name on another card and stuffed it in. I think I must’ve had at least 8 tickets in there, and there were a total of 120 women at the event.

I don’t know if this is the Power of Intention, or ballot box stuffing, but I won a $50 gift certificate to a chi chi clothing store called Bella.  Oh what I could do at thrift with $50.  I think I’ll be wandering around Bella for a long time.  Fun!

Margaret was here for a few days and we shopped like mad fools at all of the thrift stores.  I got a brand new pair of never worn Naturalizer brown flats for $5, and they’re fab with my one dollar Simon Chang jeans.  It’s always hard to go wrong with Simon Chang.

I thought this was brilliant, as I made a stuffed turkey for Margaret and me the day before she arrived.  Then the next night I just made mashed potatoes and vegies, and warmed up the turkey, stuffing and gravy.

The next day after our morning of shopping we came home and had another turkey dinner for lunch.  That night I ponied up a pork dish for a break, but the next night we had turkey dinner again.  Margaret had a bottle of wine that night and was hungover, so she had turkey dinner for lunch so she’d have the strength to get on the plane to fly home.

I then drove to Osoyoos and mom said we were  going to the Best Western for their buffet dinner, and of course it was turkey as it was Thanksgiving.  I don’t think I’e ever eaten so many turkey dinners in my entire life.  I loved it though.

I remember when both kids were born, and they still had somewhat real food in the hospital.  I always ordered turkey dinner.  It’s so comforting anyway, and especially after giving birth it’s a reminder that even though you’ve been through Hell, there is turkey dinner at the end of it all as reward.