Louie got Stung

Last weekend I had a lovely visit with Beverly and Lori, two pals who were also teachers of the deaf.  I wonder if we have common personality traits and that’s why we chose that profession.  We have some common traits for sure, and one of them is we were born to shop.

We started at my favourite store, the Helping Hands, and we proceeded from there.  By the time we arrived home, after visiting four thrift stores, we were all carrying precious purchases that made us very happy.

They left smartly on Sunday morning, and Louie came in from the yard and started vomiting like crazy.  I thought what the heck?  After about seven times and his stomach was empty, he sat out on the deck.  I was looking at hime from the side and realized his lower left lip and jaw were swollen and deformed, Nutty Professor-style.

I looked at his lip and saw what I think must’ve been a wasp sting, as there was a red bite mark.  I looked this up on-line and it appeared he may have had an allergic reaction due to the vomiting.  However after an hour or so, despite being swollen he didn’t act sick so I thought I’d walk him.

That was a mistake as a block away I ran into a neighbour and the dog started vomiting up white foam.  I explained what happened.  She said, “Oh dear, he doesn’t look very good.” I then had to pick up the nearly 20 pounds of solid little dog and carry him back home.

On my way I was chuckling at how my pets only ever need a vet when the regular clinics are closed and one must go to the emergency vet.  I know the drill.  You phone for an appointment, and the girl tells you due to your own dumb luck, you must pay $100 just to enter.  And then of course regular vet fees apply from there.  Of course.

But on the site it also said Benadryl would stop an anaphylactic shock, and it said that’s likely what the vet would give the dog.  I thought why not just the antihistamine myself?

I got into the car and raced to the drug store, envisioning the dog succumbing to anaphylactic shock, praying he’d be alive, and fortunately he was.  I gave him the Benadryl and an hour later the swelling was completely gone.

I got the usual stink eye from the young pharmacy assistant as I said “Where is the children’s Benadryl?”  She pointed it out for me and I said, “Now this is for a 20 pound dog, what amount do you think I’d need?”  The insecure assistant said snarkily, “I do people medicine, not veterinary medicine.”

So to be annoying I stood there and read the back aloud and said “Oh that’s fine, see here it says for a baby of this weight, I need this amount.  That’s perfect, thanks” and went to the till.

Now with the nearly $200 I saved from curing the dog myself, I can really go to town at the thrift stores over the next few weeks.