Now I have Two Albatrosses in the Basement

Remember how having one adult male to take care of bothered me?  Surprise!  Now I have two of them, and there’s no end in sight.  When Luke came home on December 31st he said he would be called to work any day.  I said well get down to Osoyoos ASAP to visit gramma in case you get called this week.

He raced down to spend the day with gramma and Gerry on January 1st, then got sick with a cold, so I could certainly understand not being able to go to the rigs.  But now we’ve all recovered from the cold, and I’m saying to him daily, “When are you leaving?”

We’re now two weeks into it, and I’m sorry to say my patience is wearing out.  Yesterday their pals Taylor and Chris spent the day gaming in the basement with Nicky and Luke.  At dinnertime I said to them, “I thought it was horrible having one adult male in the basement, and now I have two.”  They laughed.

But I have to say I love January and so I’m enjoying myself in spite of having Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee under my nose.  As the yard’s covered in snow and ice, I can’t do a thing in the garden, so that’s good.  There’s not a lot to be done with the fruitcake business, so that’s very relaxing, too.

Marian, my dear accountant of 21 years, invited me out for coffee lat week and told me she’s retiring. She’s found a nice person to take over her clients, so will help this new man learn all about Nuttier than a Fruitcake so that he can take over.  So I do have to get my receipts and invoices in order for them, and Marian said to do it now before busy tax season.

That’s the type of thing I hate to do, and so I procrastinate, as I’m always sure it’ll be too hard.  I’m still trying to get a handle on this time management problem, and have noticed I avoid tasks that I think will be hard.  However I also find the trick is just to start, no matter how incompetently, and it does seem to lead to the job getting done.

I read that about writing, and it’s true.  Just start writing, and then edit and read afterward.  Sitting there trying to compose the perfect sentence in order to start usually doesn’t work, so just start writing anything and that can get the ball rolling.

And of course you’ll laugh, as I list the types of meals and baked goods I’ve made for the kids.  Then I complain these fat, lazy males won’t leave.  Brownies, anyone?  But you know how I love to cook and bake, and now with one extra person here, it seems to have motivated me to be more Martha Stewart than ever.

I discovered that easy-to-make fudge, where you melt chocolate and add sweetened, condensed milk.  I tried a recipe for chow mein drop ‘cookies.’ These are odd, but Luke loved them.  I’ve made Eggs Benedict, spaghetti and meaballs, chicken chow mein, brisket, and so many other things I should have my head examined.

I offered to make the baked goods for Liz’ memorial tea next Saturday, so that’ll give me something to do, other than lure kids like the witch from Hansel and Gretel.  She had a good motive, but I don’t, hence the need for psychiatric intervention.

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