Now We’re Back to the Same Old

Luke left for the oil patch, so it’s back to just Nicky and me batchin’ together on Hall Road.  Luke’s an eating machine, so it’ll be kind of nice not to have to be at the store every other day.  Though as you know, I love to have a reason to cook and bake, so it’s my own fault.

Liz’ memorial was held on Saturday and I brought the baked goods for the event.  I had so much fun making all of the stuff.  I made white fudge with pistachios and dark fudge with marshmallows.  Liz’ favourite meringues, some chocolate chunk cookies and shortbread cut into cute shapes and topped with colourful sprinkles.

Afterward mom and I drove to Osoyoos together, and I spent the night.  Gerry remains an inspiration.  He’ll be 98 in March but there he was, downing a double Scotch before dinner, like always.  We had a pleasant evening, and then I drove home on Sunday.

Luke had left that morning, so I didn’t see him, but did see either his or Nicky’s handiwork when I opened the lower cupboard door in the kitchen. Someone had broken the top shelf of the lazy Susan.  That kind of thing puts me into a murderous rage.

When Nicky came upstairs I told him about my discovery, and he did the old, “I noticed that.”  Do you know at 23 and 26 years of age, nothing has changed with those kids?  I said,”well if you didn’t break it, then Luke must’ve.”  I’ll have to e mail Luke and ask him, and he’ll reply, “yeah, I noticed that.”

My goal for the next while is to study my portfolio and try to learn about stocks and investing.  This is going to be one of my greatest challenges, as I’m starting from zero.  I have adorable Joe Miller helping me and if I don’t learn, I’ll let him down, and I can’t do that.

If you’re reading this and still have mutual funds, transfer them immediately into a self-directed portfolio.  Think of the amount you pay for commission for the hands-off help you’re getting for that.  We pay more attention to celebrity gossip or sports scores than we do to the most important thing for most people, our financial well-being.

But to get to the financial well-being, I’ve had to institute a strict savings program, so I’m not shopping.  This leads to hours of spare time, as you can imagine.  It came in handy this past week as I had to gather all of my paperwork for the accountant.  I’ve also finished a couple of books.

I’m now reading the memoir Pinboy, by George Bowering, who attended the same high school my mother, brother and I did.  It gives me tremendous joy to read the names of old principals and teachers I used to know.  It sure makes me want to write memoirs of my life in the South Okanagan, too.

But of course I won’t, being the World’s Greatest Procrastinator.  Instead, I’ll decide a closet needs to be cleaned out, or I’ll have to re-arrange the art in a room.  Perhaps I’ll have the strength to actually paint a room or two.  I doubt it.

Instead, I’ll probably just daydream about spring as I walk my tiny dog around the block.

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