A Week of Being Sick

Last Friday I sneezed a whole bunch of times in a row, then again on Saturday, and I wondered what the heck was going on.  By Sunday morning I knew, as I woke up feeling horrible with some kind of a cold or the flu.  God only knows what it was, but it’s left me feeling like lead.

You know how I like to run around gloating that I never get sick, so it’s a lesson never to brag, isn’t it?  The last time I had a cold was in the spring of 2009 , so I guess it was time for my body to demand a break, which it did.

Luke arrived home from Thailand on the afternoon of December 31st and when he phoned from the airport I told him Nicky and I were both deathly ill.  He said he didn’t want to catch it, so would just come in and say hi, then go to Denis’ to spend the night.

Luke came in for an hour and left.  The next day he became horribly sick, too!  I said I don’t believe it’s possible to catch a germ in an hour where nothing communal was touched, but he blamed us for it.

So the week was spent with Luke, Nicky and me in the house, all sick.  There really wasn’t anything to do but get busy and eat all of the Christmas baking and chocolate, and I think we’re finally rid of it.  Monday my diet begins.

I’ve made two resolutions, one for myself, and one for the business.  For me, I want to use my time better and stop wasting it.  When I sat down and figured out how much time I have outside of the normal things we have to do it in a day, it was a lot.  I can’t figure out why I can’t get more done, other than I procrastinate horribly.

For the business, I want to sell 1,000 fruitcakes from my site per year.  That means I need to drive people to my site, but I believe this is a conversation we’ve had a time or ten in the past.  But step 1 of that is I need help with my e mail, and especially my newsletter list.  There are over 500 people on it, but the way it’s organized means I can’t find anything.

Other than that, I’m just going to wing it, having learned it’s pointless to over-plan.  At this time last year I had no idea of the changes to come, and for all of us the same thing applies for 2013.  Surprises are good.

I’m reading Buddhism for Dummies and finding it helpful.  I was explaining some of it to Luke, as Jan is a devout Buddhist so we want to learn about it.  For now, all I know is we have to try to do good things and think good thoughts, so I focus on that.

And speaking of raising one’s spirits, today I bought a bottle of Malibu (a rum and coconut liqueur), and a bottle of Canadian Club whiskey.  I have plans to slowly build a complete bar, and then each night I can order something different.  Tonight a pina colada, tomorrow a Manhattan.  Cheers!

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