A Plum Fool and a Call to Jury Duty

As Alison was coming all the way to Kelowna from Toronto for the weekend, I made sure I laid in a large supply of Okanagan fruits and vegetables.  I stupidly thought the yellow sugar plums would make a great fool (fruit and whipped cream) but they’re quite tasteless, so it wasn’t any good.  The lesson learned was that all fools need to be made with berries or cherries.

We visited Liz in Penticton on Saturday and had lunch at the Hooded Merganser, which is such a beautifully-located restaurant, right on Okanagan Lake.  And I do mean on the lake, as it’s built on stilts over the water!  I had a very nice chicken club, and we washed it all down with a Gehringer Bros. Ehrenfelser.

Here’s my new logic regarding food consumption.  I figure as I’m off to Thailand in two months, and will very likely lose weight while there, it’s pointless to diet before I leave.  I had to pull myself together to get ready for my niece’s wedding and the 40th reunion, and now that those events are over, I’m going to cut myself some slack.

Are you a friend of mine on Facebook?  If not, you should be, as I have pictures on there from time to time.  It would allow you to track the continual expansion and contraction of my waistline.

Tomorrow at 2:30 I’m off to the so-called Travel Clinic to get hosed for a consultation and immunizations that I may or may not need.  However, as I’m going into the rural northern area of Thailand, I figure I may as well not come home with malaria and typhoid fever if I can avoid them.

Nicky started his new job at Telus, and is right back at the old office where he started at the age of 17!  Whereas the last time he worked there he had no idea how sweet his job was, this time he knows he’s fortunate and is trying hard to figure out what to do.  Most of the time he’s home in the early afternoon which makes me think I’d like his job, too.

Then in the midst of the mental and physical preparations for my trip to Thailand, I got a letter in the mail from the Sherriff, which nearly gave me a heart attack.  I always assume I’m guilty of something, but it was just a summons for jury duty.

I love the idea of being on a jury, having seen it portrayed so fascinatingly so many times in movies over the years.  However, it says it’s for a three-week jury trial slated to begin on October 15th.  I leave for Thailand on November 18th, so if the trial runs over I have to tell them I’m outta here.

I used their ‘excuse form’ on-line and explained about my travel plans, and they replied: Nope, excuse denied tell it to the judge on October 15th.  So I hope I can explain to him/her that as excited and happy as I am to finally find out what occurs when a jury hangs out, there’s no power on Earth that can stop me from going to my baby’s wedding.

I was telling Alison about it, and as a she’s a journalist, she could see the potential.  I said if I’m forced to be a juror, and if the trial runs over, then I will be getting my 15 minutes of fame.  I’m one of those unpredictable types of people who can go absolutely berserk at the drop of a hat.  I’m sure it’ll all be fine, and I won’t have to protest naked, like a Doukhobor.

4 thoughts on “A Plum Fool and a Call to Jury Duty

  1. HI Gord
    First you whip the cream. I gently cook the fruit with a bit of sugar. Once it’s cool, I fold the fruit into the whipped cream, so the consistency is whipped cream with a bit of fruit in it. It’s really quite good if made with the right ingredients, but plums are not good in it.


  2. But don’t do it because you’re really just eating whipped cream. Although right now I’m so fat I can hardly breathe so I don’t think it’d make much difference if I ate it or not.


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