I’ve been busy with a wedding and a reunion

As you may know, my blog hasn’t worked for at least two weeks, so I’m now hoping this is visible (and postable).  In any case, I felt bad as I wanted to let you know how the recent events in my life went.  The first one, a wedding, occurred on the August 25 weekend, and was my niece Julie’s wedding. She’s my brother Freddie’s youngest daughter.

Freddie and Wendy bought a great house on Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge.  It’s a two-acre property, so the wedding was held on the sprawling lawn with the lovely lake in the background.  I’d driven down with mom;  Nicky and Andre, the German visitor, drove with Luke who showed up at the last minute.  So all of the Schillers were represented at the wedding.

Mom and I left the wedding party at a decent hour, and returned to our room at the Best Western in Maple Ridge.  In the morning I tried to call Luke and Nicky at their motel, but no reply.  Mom and I drove to Freddie’s for brunch on Sunday and finally around noon Nicky and Luke showed up, looking slightly worse for wear, as did Julie and her new husband, Jason.

As it turned out, Nicky, Luke and the couple were the last to leave my brother’s at around 3:00 AM.  They called a cab, and Julie described the scene, as she said they decided they were hungry so made the cab pull into a McDonald’s drive-thru.  Julie said their lab, Rider, was on her lap as they got their food.  It must’ve been quite the scene for the food server.

Luke calls them Bed Burgers, and said the last thing he recalls is the bite of McDonald’s hamburger he ate before “falling asleep.”  I guess passing out would be more apt.  The bride said she insisted on them eating their McDonald’s food in bed, too, so it must be a genetic thing.

Then this past weekend I was at my 40th high school reunion in Oliver.  It was organized by Oliver people, and so of course a lot more Oliver than Osoyoos people showed up.  I felt bad as I thought I should’ve tried harder myself to get the word out.  Next time.  By the 50th we’ll have it all under control.

And now Alison’s coming from Toronto this weekend, and we’re going to visit Liz in Penticton!  So the socializing seems to be continuing.

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