Take Motivation Wherever You Can Get It

I’ll be surprised if I don’t get tarred and feathered by the neighbours.  I’d been in Osoyoos visiting mom and Gerry for two days over Easter, so Nicky was at home looking after the house and pets.  When I arrived home and asked how it went, he said it was fine except for one thing.  He said he ‘must’ve’ left the French doors open all night as he was awakened at 6:30 by the dogs’ barking.

As he explained it, he and Jordan were sitting outside, came in, thought they’d closed the door and went downstairs. In the meantime, the door fell open, and stayed that way all night.  I can’t wait to see the heating bill.  In the morning, the dogs raced out and started barking around the yard like lunatics.

Nicky sleeps like a hibernating bear, so if he says he was awakened by their barking, it must’ve gone on for a long time.  I know how annoyed I am by other people’s dogs’ inappropriate barking, so I bet some people were seething and plotting revenge.

I finally did some marketing for the business, and attended a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting last week.  It was quite enjoyable, as the principal was asking the parents to get into groups to brainstorm the attributes they’d like their children to have when they graduate.  He asked me if I’d join them, and I said, “of course!”

Because I live with the results of the school system, my input into the group was somewhat different from theirs.  The elementary kids’ parents were saying strange things like, “communication” or “flexibility” whereas I was saying they should know how to cook, or budget.

I was viewed as a total nut, and as I was soon going to be presenting my fruitcake and bark to them as a fundraising product, I decided being silent would be the better route.  Once the small groups had their words chosen, we broke into two larger groups with one person recording our answers.  I wish a camera could’ve been trained on my face.

In any case, that school now knows about my products.  I also attended a meeting to prepare for the Rotary Centre for the Arts event on May 1st.  There’ll be visual artists, musicians, wineries and food producers scattered about the various rooms in the building.  They’re expecting 400 people, so I have to get an awful lot of samples ready.

And wonder of wonders, I actually baked some fruitcake yesterday afternoon.  I needed some Okanagan Fruit and Rum bars both to sell to wineries, and also for the event on May 1st.  As usual, I felt totally sick about it, and then once I’d done it I went, “that was so easy!”

So hopefully I can recall that feeling as I begin marketing Okanagan Harvest Cake and the bars for the upcoming tourist season.  And strangely, my little note to myself, “I worked on the business today” is still helping me tremendously.

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