All Hell’s Broken Loose

 This is kind of spooky.  I realized I wasn’t doing nearly enough for the business, so decided to make myself a note.  It says, “I worked on the business today.”  I then stuck it on the wall right behind my screen, so I look at it often.  I began to try and make myself do at least one thing per day for the business, and it’s actually worked.

That little piece of paper has magically made business appear.  Last week on Friday I took six bags of chocolate bark and some samples to the gym and put them in the disply case.  When I returned on Saturday, two were sold.  Then when I arrived on Sunday, one of the women who’d bought a bag raved about it to the women in the class we were in.

On Saturday I also sent out my monthly newsletter, which always bring sales.  Today I received an order for three pounds of bark from a nice local customer named Deb who buys my fruitcakes.  The poor woman arrived and I had no bark made, so she had to endure the wrath of the dachshunds and leave empty-handed.

The dogs were particularly angry because she’d knocked so softly they didn’t hear anyone was here until I opened the door.  I guess when that happens they’re angry at themselves so they take it out on the guest.

Deb’ll return at 4:00 today for her bark, and this time I’ll be ready.  But it was hard getting everything done, because just as I was preparing her order another nice customer named Tammy phoned.  She’s also a member of my gym, and belongs to a PAC (Parent Advisory Council).  She’d told me a couple of months ago that she’d suggested my products to the PAC as a fundraising idea.

As it turns out, they’re meeting tonight and she wants me to attend, so I had to quickly make 30 little bags of mixed bark samples, then 30 little packages of fruitcake samples.  Of course I’m never ready with written stuff, so have to create that right now.  I also plan to take the packaged products so they not only taste, but see what they would be selling as well.

Tammy was kind of nervous asking me if I could attend the PAC meeting tonight because she said she reads my newsletters, and saw the piece in this month’s about my early bedtime.  She said, “Would 7:30 be too late?”

I assured her that as it wouldn’t take me more than ten minutes to show and tell about my products, I’d be home by 8:00 PM, and hence all would be well.  It’s kind of nice to know that I now have the world trying to work around my rather eccentric and perhaps neurotic schedule.

Deb mentioned it today, too, as she’d also ready the article in my newsletter.  When she arrived and no bark was ready, I said, “I’m kind of having a rough day because I was at my friend Kathy’s birthday party until 11:30 last night.”  She said, “What?  I thought you said you went to bed at 9:00 ever night.”

So I think it’s good that people are beginning to know the details of my sorry existence, and perhaps as a result some will begin to take pity on me.  Or not.  In any case, I think I’ve got a tiger by the tail here with my motivational slip of paper to guide me.

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