God Save the Queen

I’ve done more marketing in the past week than I’ve done all year.  First of all, Rosebuds, one of my favourite consignment stores, was holding a silent auction on Saturday.

The owner’s trying to raise funds for a local Miss Canada prospect, and also for a charity.  She asked if I’d donate a gift basket, which I did.  The staff at Rosebuds like my product, so hopefully lots of women bid on it, based on the staff’s effusive praise.

Also on Saturday I went to the Kelowna Wine Museum for two hours of fruitcake sampling, paired with local ice wines.  There were five different wineries’ ice wines, some white, some red.  I got to sample each one of them, and I think the Gehringer Brothers Gewurtztraminer ice wine is my favourite.

Quite a few people bought fruitcakes, and so I was glad I’d brought another dozen of each along.  I dropped those off along with samples, and I hope they’ll sell those over the spring wine fest, which is on now, here in the lovely, yet freezing cold Okanagan.

Then on Sunday my pal Kathy and I attended the Wine, Art and Music (WAM) event at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.  We were in the same room with a gluten-free bakery from Peachland, two wineries, and a visual artist.  At one point I looked over to see a buxom young woman, nude from the waist up, bearing red pasties posing for the artist.

It was a lively event, with a great musician singing and playing throughout.  People sampled food and wine, looked at art, and listened to the music.  We had a gift basket at my table, so we forced people to cough up their e mails in order to enter the draw.  Being under Margaret’s constant tutelage re: social networking, she said I simply had to get their contact information.

Now I’ll add those people to the list of those who receive my newsletter, and now can market to a whole bunch more people.  You see how brilliant Margaret is, and how completely obtuse about social media I am?  If I had any brains, I’d be able to link my Facebook and web site somehow, but like I said, if I had any brains…..

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how much I adored the Royal Wedding on Friday.  I didn’t get up at 2:00 AM, but I did watch it unfold in a second ‘live’ broadcast starting at 6:30 AM.  I liked that, because I watched every second as though it was in real time, plus I’d had a decent night’s sleep, so it was a win-win.

I just loved the dress, the Middletons, the bride and groom, the Queen, the Arch Bishop and the whole damned thing.  It’s a pity, but at my age I find myself reduced to a bucket of tears over any event whatsoever, whether happy or sad.  It must be the after-effects of menopause, as why else sob at the sight of a young gal on her dad’s arm?

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