Never on a Sunday

I adore Sundays because it’s the only day of the week I don’t go to fitness.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love fitness classes, but sometimes it’s wonderful not to be tortured like that.

Picture this: sometimes we have to do what are called burpees.  You crouch, then fling your legs out behind you until you’re in a full push-up position.  Then you jump your feet back in to where you started, and then you stand up. Repeat about 15 times.  I think you can see why a day off is so appealing.

However, I have fitness to thank for my ability to shovel our entire driveway without keeling over. It snowed like nobody’s business on Wednesday night and Thursday, so I spent an hour shoveling in the morning, and then an hour in the afternoon.  I slept like a log on Thursday night from all the fresh air!

On Friday morning on CBC Radio I heard Jian Ghomechi interview a woman who’d invented a cereal called Holy Crap.  Apprently she’d been on Dragon’s Den with her product and the dragons had just loved it.  I felt a mixture of jealousy and fear when I heard her talk about the people they’ve had to hire due to the rapid expansion.

That’s always the tension in small business.  If you go mad with advertising you have to be ready with product.  But if you don’t advertise, then you have yourself a hobby, and not a business, as you likely don’t have enough sales to make any money.

But when free advertising comes, I always take it.  As I wrote earlier, I was mentioned in the business column of our local Capital News last Wednesday and was in the Novemeber/December EAT Magazine.  Now I’ll be in Wine Trails Magazine’s December issue with a proper article accompanied by a photo!

After that, Jennifer Schell’s going to write about me in her food column in the Capital News, and the Osoyoos Times has kindly said they’ll run a photo and story.  So I feel very privileged to have so many nice journalists willing to help with the word of mouth.

Another interesting contact I had was from a woman named Alix Cameron who’s a co-founder of the site called Eat Drink Be Local.  She said they’re going to be recommending 12 must-have local gifts, and my fruitcakes will be one of them!

I’ll be at the Wine Museum’s Neighbourhood Nosh on Thursday.  It’s a once-monthly event wherein people can sample local foods and wines.  I’ve been there before and it moves a lot of fruitcakes as people love to sample, then buy.

I’ve decided my reward for all this is going to start on December 19th and hopefully end January 1st.  Those are the two weeks in which I’m going to allow heady indulgence.  And then of course I’ll be thanking God for the burpees as I slap myself back into shape for the New Year.

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