Social Overload

I’ve had a week filled with business promise and social engagements.  A nice man who owns Potters Nurseries in Surrey phoned me to say they’re thinking about carrying my fruitcakes.  Apparently they have four locations, and do a big business at Christmas.  I’ve sent him a promo package, so will be keeping my fingers crossed that he likes my product.

Margaret arrived on Sunday and left on Friday morning, so I tried my best to make a decent dinner for her every night.  I started with barbecued steak, the next day followed by chicken souvlakis and Greek salad.  I made scallops and shrimp in a white wine sauce and salmon stuffed with handfuls of herbs from my garden.

When she left on Friday morning she said the same thing as Bev the previous week: “I feel so relaxed; just like I’ve spent a week at a high-end spa.”  Both of them spent hours reading books from my library while sitting out in my flower garden in the sun.  One day I’m simply going to have to treat myself like a guest around here.

Because I was on my way to Osoyoos on the weekend, I contacted my stores, and can you believe four of them ordered!  That’s about $450 worth of sales just from taking one minute to contact them and ask a simple question.  I delivered fruitcakes on my way south, feeling smug at my diligence.

On Saturday at 12:30 I met four of the women I’ve been friends with since elementary school days.  That made a turn-out of five out of eight, which isn’t bad for our group on short notice.  We met for lunch at the Watermark Resort in Osoyoos and sat outside, enjoying the beautiful Okanagan weather.

When we get together, it’s always as though no time’s gone by, because we’re very comfortable with each other.  Strangely, we all arrive dressed and made-up to the nines, as though we always run around that way.  It’s probably good to have a group like that.  Without standards to maintain one can fall into disrepair rather quickly at our age.

On Saturday evening mom and I attended a Pfingsttag family reunion in Oliver.  My maternal grandmother was born a Pfingsttag, so these are my mom’s cousins and my second cousins.  Because mom’s an only child, she’s always kept in fairly good contact with her cousins, which is fabulous.

The reunion was held at my mom’s cousin Inge and her husband Fred’s house.  They have a large rancher with a big pool, and it was filled with kids of all ages.  On the barbecue there was a large portion of a pig, and some beef as well.  Inside on the tables there was a spread of cold salmon and salads that would easily feed a wedding of 200 guests.

Unfortunately, it was 30 degrees out so I immediately downed a nice cold Bacardi cooler, and then thought I’d better get a grip on myself.  I had a couple of glasses of wine, and then ate as much as I humanly could.  There was carrot cake at the end that was completely unnecessary, but I had that, too.  Aren’t family reunions great?

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