Summer Fun

Gerry, mom’s 95-year-old boyfriend, had a yen for Atlantic lobsters.  So he and mom decided to have them flown in by Purolator for my annual birthday party.  I’d told people about their plans, and while my friend Bev was here she and I were in the Superstore.  She said, “There’s a whole tank full of lobsters right there.”  To which I replied, “So what?  Gerry wants his own delivered from the Maritimes to Osoyoos.”

There were 20 live lobsters and 15 guests.  We each ate one, but one of the guests actually managed to eat two of them.  I was thankful that Jerralynn, who was doing the cooking, said she kills them prior to dropping them into the pot of boiling water.  I really couldn’t stand the thought otherwise.

We ate outside and it was a lovely night.  The dachshunds raced around, making me totally nervous because in the dark a black dog four inches high is very hard to see.  Nicky kept assuring me that the dogs wouldn’t run away, but I’m always neurotically focused on them and where they are.

Margaret’s here for a week so tomorrow I’ll be back in Osoyoos once again because she loves seeing South Okanagan wineries and having lunch with mom and Gerry.  I told her there’s a ton of Jerralynn’s delicious leftover baked goods from the party waiting for us, too.

Once again, as a result of my monthly newsletter, I got some orders.  I also spoke with Don, the nice man from the Lions, and he said he liked my fruitcake, and wants me to present to their club at their next meeting.  If I can wow them at the meeting, then I’m sure they’ll want to sell my fruitcakes at Christmas.  I’m finding the idea of being a provider of a fund-raising item quite intriguing.

Less intriguing is the surprise visit I got last week from the new health inspector.  I saw a young gal come into the yard, and thought she must be a friend of Nicky’s.  Wrong.  She’s the health inspector!  She was super nice, though, and just said I’m due for an inspection.

You’re reading this going, “so what?”  I, however, will have to work like a frightened idiot for days to get the entire area all spiffed and 100% ready for the inspection.  If you knew how much other stuff I have to do right now you’d actually feel sorry for me and come and help me organize.

Then to top it off, when Margaret arrived yesterday afternoon I asked her if she wanted to try a new Margarita recipe.  I made us a couple of insanely stiff drinks, mostly tequila and Cointreau and a bit of lime and lemon juice.  After we had those, we had white wine.  Finally, I said, “Let’s have Kahlua and cream!”  So I’m sorry to say when I woke up this morning I felt like a recently thawed corpse.

Too bad for me, as I’ve had to spend the hot day watering, sitting at the hairdresser’s feeling like death, and generally working around the house in a clammy sweat.  Oh well, tomorrow’s bound to be a much better day.

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