Lion’s Roar?

You may recall that in December of last year I took samples to a man named Don, a member of the Lions Club.  The Lions sell fruitcakes as a fundraiser, and I’ve tasted theirs and thought, “Oh dear.”  I told Don I was hoping the Lions would sell my fruitcakes instead, and told him I’d contact him in the New Year.

I’ve since sent him two pithy e mails requesting his opinion on whether or not the Lions want to sell my fruitcakes.  Since I hadn’t heard, I thought they probably didn’t want them.  Imagine how thrilled I was to come home to a message from Don asking me to call him!

As I can’t imagine he’d go to all the trouble of phoning to say ‘no thanks’, I’m quite hopeful as I wait for him to reply to my message.  It’d be really great as they’d have a finite number that they’d order, so one wouldn’t receive a nervous breakdown wondering how many they were suddenly going to need during the season.

I’m thinking it’s just a fabulously lucky time of year for me, as tomorrow is my 56th birthday.  You know how every seven years we apparently go through major changes?  My 56th year on Earth seems to be taking off with a huge amount of promise, and as ever, I’m ga ga with excitement over life.

I just spent four magical days in Vancouver at the Coast Plaza Hotel on Comox Street.  I had a room on the 34th floor, looking out over the harbour and towards UBC.  It’s a great hotel because you’re right at the edge of Stanley Park so you can walk for hours.

I noticed in the restaurants that goat cheese is still the ubiquitous ingredient on every salad and pizza, and in every sauce.  Many of you are saying, “So what? I love goat cheese,” however, some of us do not.  I just can’t eat a product that has the same smell as the coat of the animal.

I’m not sure why, but I went to Winners while on my trip and bought a dress.  Who knew?  But that’s what I always say about the beauty of shopping.  It’s like hunting.  You never know what you’re going to bag.

Today it’s back to the usual routine.  I’m going up and down to the vegetable garden every ten minutes moving the sprinkler.  Then I move the two upper hoses around.  I was a bit dismayed to see that most of the broccoli died while I was away.  But then I thought, that’s what the fruit and vegetable market around the corner is for.

So now I have to think positive thoughts as I wait for Don to let me know if I’ll have the Lions Club as a customer.  As you know, they’re all over BC, so this could turn into something interesting.  Like I said, my 56th year is starting out with some decent potential.

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