Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

There’s nothing like speaking to others as a great way to mine important pieces of information.  I pity the fool who remains quiet and alone, not communicating with anyone, because they’re never going to learn anything.  Thank God I’m the opposite, and like to speak to everyone around me.

As a result, I know most of the women at the gym by name.  We’re like a living history of how the popularity of names change.  For instance, there’s a woman in her 70’s named Doreen, women my age who are named Kathy or Lorraine, then those in their 30’s named Candace or Jana.

The little gals in their 20’s are all Brittneys and Ashleighs, of course.  I suppose those coming next will have the unfortunate names of Serenity and Midnight.  I know I’m showing my age, but I have to say this recent fetish of naming kids after common nouns has really thrown me.

Anyway, you may recall me waxing poetic some time ago about how wonderful it would be to have bee hives.  Imagine my surprise when I was chatting away to a nice woman at the gym named Lorraine, and it turns out she’s a beekeeper!  She said she was an elementary school teacher for ten years, but is now involved in the honey business.

I told her I’d like a hive, as I live on an acre of land, and she said, “You could have 20 hives!”  I think I may just start small, though.  I asked her about swarming, and she said swarming was wonderful and everyone loves it.  I’d read a swarm can be dangerous, but she said piffle to all of that.

So now my dream may indeed come true, and I’m going to have my very own bees!  It’s strange, yet wonderful how the Law of Attraction works, isn’t it?  You imagine something, plan on it, envision it with joy, and voila!  Bee hive!

No similar luck with the N’Kmip project, however, despite hard envisioning.  I delivered fruitcakes to Terwilligers and the VQA Wine Centre in Penticton last week, so toddled down to Osoyoos to try again at N’Kmip.  I’ve now been three times, and so far, they still don’t carry my product.  However, look at my success in conjuring up the bees!  One day I’ll be in their market.

Marilyn and I baked again last Tuesday, and it seemed less gruelling than the previous Sunday.  In total, we made around 335 fruitcakes, which I then vacuum sealed while watching Dr. Oz followed by Dr. Phil.  I must say having a TV in my kitchen has made life quite a lot more pleasant because I now learn as I work.

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