August Signals the Beginning of the Busy Season

You’ll  recall I was contacted by the managing director of Potters, the nursery chain in Surrey.  I sent him a sample of my fruitcakes, and a few days later received an e mail from him with the subject line: “Wow!”  It seems I have another convert as he said he’s definitely going to be placing an order.

I was recently asked by Sarah Lindsay who owns Sweet Art Cakes here in Kelowna to make a six inch round Totally Decadent fruitcake for a wedding.   As I made it yesterday, I realized it’s really time for me to get moving with the business in general.  Whenever I have to do something I do it, but it seems my intrinsic motivation is lacking if I don’t have a specific goal.

However, as I’m going to be schmoozing around with the Lions Club to get orders from them, and as I add new stores, I really do need to get moving with baking.  I know I’ve vowed many times in the past not to wait until I’m near admittance to the psych ward to begin baking.  Let’s see if 2010 is my year to stop the insane procrastinating.

I guess that’s why I’m not as mad at Nicky as I probably should be.  He had one job interview in April, didn’t get the job, and then decided it’s far better to wait until cherry season and get a seasonal job sorting cherries.  He said he could work daily for a few weeks and make the money he needs.

While waiting for cherry season Nicky whiled away his time at the gym, riding the scooter Luke bought, and going to the beach with his girlfriend.  Finally last week the day arrived cherry season was starting, so at 8:00 AM off he went on the scooter to Dendy’s Orchards behind us.

He arrived home at 8:00 PM madder than a wet hen.  He said they were still sorting, but he simply couldn’t stand it any longer and left.  After ranting and raving about the horrible nature of the job, he stated that there was no way he would be returning to that.

Sigh.  Then on top of it he said his girlfriend and her roommates were being visited by a cat that was completely matted.  I said it was cruel to the cat, and that it needed to be shaved.  They phoned a vet, and got a quote of around $120.  I stupidly said I’d pitch in $20 as it’s not even their cat.

Two days later I was told the cat had been shaved, and was duly hosed for my $20.  The next day Nicky informed me the cat had crossed the road, and been killed!  Here I am buying clothes at Value Village, and then having to pony up $20 for a strange caat, only to find out it was all for naught.

I got an e mail from my cousin Heilke, who Nicky and I had visited last year when we were in Germany.  She decided she’s coming for two weeks, starting August 13th.  Unfortunately, we’re living in Nuclear Winter here in the Okanagan Valley from the trapped smoke from surrounding forest fires.

When North Americans are in Europe they want to see ancient cathedrals and castles, and when Europeans are here they want to see wide open spaces.  Wouldn’t you know that she’s coming right in the midst of this annoying new summer trend?

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