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I’m quite sure that a loaf of bread and a container of honey are over my points limit on the Weight Watchers diet.  However, I’ve found that lately there’s no amount of self-talk that can keep me away from eating like a bear preparing for hibernation.  But when food is your best friend and solace during stressful times, maybe there’s no surprise in my need to wrap myself in it.

Please check this out:   The editor of Okanagan Arts Magazine invited me to write an article about my business.  That, on top of the CBC Radio interview, has really driven the message home to people: Must Buy Fruitcake.  And when people are told that there is only a limited quantity available, it drives them crazy with desire.

As there are now only 87 days until Christmas, I have exactly 87 days left in my High Season.  I therefore know I can survive the 12-hour, seven-day-a-week schedule.  For comfort, however, a loaf of bread and a container of creamed honey come in mighty handy.

And speaking of wanton ingestion, Nicky eats Cold FX capsules like they’re candy.  It’s just ginseng, so I know it can’t hurt him, and I’m quite sure it does stave off colds.  He takes it because he’s paranoid that he’ll get sick and miss a party.  So, he enters into the three capsules, three times a day regime at the slightest tickle in his throat.  I try to keep my mouth shut, as I purchase the monthly supply for $55.

Luked phoned from Alberta and said he’s now making another $3,000/month on top of the astronomical amount he already makes!  This is the insane wealth coming from the dirty oil sands.  I’ve kept in touch with Luke’s favourite teacher, Gilles Leclerc, who he had in grade six.  I e mailed him that luke, with a 50.5% average upon graduation, now makes God Knows How Much money at an easy job.  He e mailed back, “That guy is like a cat.  He always lands on his feet.”

Landing on one’s feet can be a good goal in itself.  To motivate myself, yesterday I phoned the winery gift stores asking them if they needed more Okanagan Fruit and Rum bars.  I did this knowing that I have none made in advance.  Sure enough, an order was placed, and ta da! instant motivation.  Most people would be vomiting in a corner from this method, but it does seem to work for me.

So today I’ll bake and package, then tomorrow deliver the bars as Marilyn and I are heading south to Osoyoos for a visit with mom and Gerry.  That day of leisure will be it for quite a while, as we still have 2,000 fruitcakes left to bake, and about 6,000 fruitcakes to package!  Am I nervous?  I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know after I’ve eaten this piece of toast slathered in honey.

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