Twisted Logic

On the surface it does appear logical.  One has washed one’s clothes, and the dryer is now required.  However, the dryer is full of someone else’s clothes.  What to do?  One idea would be to put the clean clothes on the dryer, and another, more unorthodox one would be to throw them on the floor.

After I’d picked up my previously clean pillow cases, towels and underwear, I asked Nicky why he’d thrown everything on the floor.  He answered, “I was in a hurry.”  This is from someone taking philosophy at university.  He quotes ridiculous statements, then explains them with some ass-backwards reasoning, and says, “That’s logic.” I counter with, “Not to me, it isn’t.”  I never could understand any part of first-year philosophy when I took it, and I still can’t now.

My former business partner came by the other day and said, “I see you still have the piles of dirt in your yard.”  I said, “Those aren’t the old piles of dirt, they’re new piles.”  These are still leftover from The Big Garden Project in the spring.  I figure if I take one wheelbarrow full of dirt down to the vegetable garden a day, by next spring the yard will be clean.  That way, another car can either be put up on blocks, or if all else fails, we can just order another truck full of soil.

So the family and yard continue to act as handy hurdles to toughen me for the next few weeks.  But other than debating with Nicky, what to do to sharpen my seriously deficient mental acuities?  I’ve been busily purchasing inventory and baking, filling orders and shipping, and then I casually decided to see where I was at this time last year.  Mein Gott im Himmel!  I think I’ve been in some kind of stupor from all of the dieting.

By this time last year several stores had already ordered, so I hurriedly contacted them.  Thankfully, I’m now in Peppers Foods in Victoria and Stong’s in Vancouver.  Now if I can just coax orders out of my other regular customers then perhaps I can get this party started.  I now want orders flying out of here like Independents from the McCain/Pallin ticket.

Luke and his girlfriend are home from Calgary for the weekend.  It’s so sweet to think that only yesterday he was a small tot, and now here he is slicing a lime for his gin and tonic.  He and Nicky were reminiscing about how they would throw bits of uneaten food behind the books on the bookshelf downstairs.  It almost makes you want to go to their place and throw food around.

Because they’re only here for the weekend, we’re pretending it’s Thanksgiving so I’m making the entire turkey extravaganza.  I just have to pray to the Gods of Weight Watching that I’m able to eschew the pumpkin pie and whipping cream for dessert.  I have managed to squeeze off five pounds, and God knows, just one good night of horfing back the calories could easily have them return.

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