The Downside of Adrenalin

Of course I’m thrilled by the incredible response to my second interview on CBC’s Sounds Like Canada show yesterday.  People are ordering like sailors on shore leave at Happy Hour.  At least two people so far have ordered more than 10, and the other hundred or so usually order between two and four.  However, as I’m now going flat-out to fill these orders, I would appreciate it if those around me would at least act busy.  I find it quite irritating when the people around me are laughing and appearing to enjoy their little lives.

My new web designer possesses the spooky and weird skills of his ilk, and hence was able to show me on a graph the huge spike in the number of hits to my website.  By noon yesterday I had received over 10, 500 hits!  It’s been very exhilarating, but frightening at the same time.

On a happier note, I still manage to attend to the requisite beauty regimes.  As you know, I’ve joined Weight Watchers, which has done very little to date.  The other week I noticed I could no longer stand the large frown between my eyes so had to have botox injected into that.  Then I noticed that my hair is looking really bad, so next week it’s off to the hairdresser.  All of this adds up to almost a grand, and for what?  So an old fruitcake monger has the strength to hand out business cards to strangers.

I did that on Thursday night at the monthly networking event put on by the Chamber of Commerce.  If you’ve ever been to one, you know it takes every ounce of intestinal fortitude to make yourself go.  You walk into a room full of strangers, and then start speaking to some in the hopes you can jam a business card down their throats.  All things considered, it went fairly well, and perhaps one connection could lead to a corporate order.

I also still manage to squeeze in the odd bit of household instructions to Nicky.  The other day he was putting his laundry into the washing machine.  I said, “If you un-crumple your socks they’ll get cleaner.”  He asked what I meant.  I explained by showing him that if a sock went in his way, ie straight off the foot, inside out and half of it still folded into itself, it will get much less clean than if one straightens out the whole sock.  He was as amazed by that concept as I am by MSN.

My dear mentor from CBC, Prerna, had at one point suggested that perhaps I should offer to make gift baskets for people.  She thought my fruitcake paired with local wine would be a lovely idea.  I had to gently and carefully explain that I am almost in a mental institution from packaging the fruitcakes, and that the addition of more products would most certainly lead to one of those horrible murder/suicide situations on Hall Road.  All it would take would be one raucous guffaw of happiness from one of the family members, and that would be it.

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