Waiting for Godot

April has continued along in the same vein as the previous months, as it is ice cold and inhospitable for gardening.  This is really a good thing, as there is no sign of any dirt being delivered anytime soon.  I have a 120 foot by 80 foot flat, scraped piece of land sitting there waiting for topsoil.  Our cats, as well as every cat within a one-mile radius, are enjoying the biggest cat box they have ever seen.

I decided that some time should be taken in researching the magical greenhouse that will be the centre piece of this behemoth of a garden.  I looked on-line, and of course found a couple that I love.  Naturally they are about $5,000.  Being a shrewd shopper, I checked for a used one, and found an inferior version advertised for $600.  Locally there was one I looked at for $1900.  Guess which one is coming to our yard??

I know I should be trying to save money, but honestly, if you saw the expensive one you’d agree that I’m doing the right thing.  Even though right now I have absolutely no idea about what to do inside this thing, from the outside, it’s going to be stunning.  Also, one must remember that the greenhouse is the focal point of my project, and the raised beds are to radiate like rays around it.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to see a puny, silly greenhouse in the midst of these verdant rays?

Besides the delay in the garden project, I am now also waiting for the right sized bags for my new product.  The bag people sent two samples, both the wrong size.  They’re now sending a third, and I may have to have them custom made.  To add aggravation, I am also waiting for the first draft of the new labels.  Then there will be the back and forth until they’re done.

As if there can’t be any more annoyances possible, I am also still waiting to get my suggestions/comments from the Harlequin Critique Service on my first romance novel.  In some ways I’m afraid to get the letter, as I have a secret dread that they may tell me not to quit my day job, at which point I have to reply to myself, “Too late.”

It’s true.  I have almost completely re-invented myself so that now I largely only do what I enjoy doing.  In fact, in May I’m going to be taking a first-year creative writing course at UBC Okanagan.  I blithely signed up, then when I saw the schedule it all came back to me: school is a time-consuming committment.  I will be forced to be there two afternoons a week for three hours at a time!  Can you imagine how angry the dogs’ll be by the time I get home?

Surely to God in May I’ll have topsoil, raised beds, a greehouse, and a new product ready for the market.  With any luck, I’ll also have a synopsis and a revised manuscript all nice and ready to go to Harlequin.  However, with the course starting, I’m wondering if this time I have finally bitten off more than I can chew.

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