Fanciful Spring

A few weeks ago I had decided I’d better go on a diet,  so bought stuff like no-sugar Jello and fruit cocktail canned in water.  In other words, the kind of stuff no-one would eat unless a gun was placed to their head.  All was okay for the first few days, and then I had a weekend blow-out and ate like a pig.  I managed to briefly return to the regime, but again, pigged out.

I soon found myself in a 24/7 pig-out, with no end in sight.  Actually, this morning I have once again dutifully made the no-sugar Jello, and am praying that I will be able to stick to it this time.  Perhaps I am a candidate for having my jaw wired shut?  I’ve thought of Kirstie Alley and Jennie Craig, and all, but seriously wondered what would prevent me from buying a large bag of Bridge Mix.

To take my mind off of it, I decided to go out and shop.  Can you believe, after all the times I have counted the pants in my closet and promised No More Pants, that I bought two pairs of pants?  It’s incredible, but that’s what happened.  I believe that puts me at 23 pairs of pants, and I am really hoping that I stop buying more…..

My new boxes are ready, and I must say, they are adorable!  I now need to work on designing the new labels, and am hoping that in two or three weeks I will have the Okanagan Fruit and Rum Bars ready for flogging.  I had a special order from someone wanting the Totally Decadent Fruitcake, but with all of the decadence removed.  They wanted no chocolate and no brandy, so what can one do?  I baked them yesterday and today they’re ready for mailing.

As we heard on the local TV station the other day, March was the coldest it’s been in a hundred years!  No wonder I refused to go out and garden.  It’s just beginning to warm up now, so yesterday I went out in shorts and did some weeding.  The wind was like an icy knife, however, so I soon abandoned it.

No sign of the lower garden project being completed any time soon.  Have you ever had to wait for someone else so that you can do your part?  I am wondering when the topsoil will arrive, as only after that is it possible for me to start with the raised beds.  I try to pretend that it’s not bothering me in the least to be sitting here, waiting for some dirt.

Hunting season has started in earnest for the cats, so the day usually begins around 5:30.  That’s when the cats start hauling mice in through the pet door, and chasing around after them.  This wakes up the dogs, who then decide that circling and circling on the bed is a good idea.  While never recommended, a good punch to the dog’s front haunt can sometimes return them to sleep, albeit only briefly.

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