Last night I’d made quiche, and Luke was over.  I said to Luke and Nicky that instead of saying “Peace!” when they hang up the phone, they should say, “Quiche!” in the same tone of voice.  They both liked the idea, and Luke said he was going to try it.  I said to them that we might be able to start a new trend.

As spring is presumably just around the corner, I’m becoming obsessed about my garden project in the lower yard.  I told the family that as the world runs out of area to grow food, they’re going to be thanking me one of these days.  In fact, I said that chickens would be a natural addition to the project, and maybe a goat or a cow.

In the meantime, however, I fill my days with variations of chocolate pate.  Although nothing may come of it, I decided that it would be of interest to explore alternate products for the shoulder season.  Perhaps something like ‘chocolate and Okanagan apricot pate’ might work.  I’m also experimenting with a white chocolate pate, and maybe this would be divine with dried pears or peaches.

What does one do with so many experiments?  One eats them, then feels truly worried about one’s future health.  Last week at the gym the poor instructor, who weighs less than 100 pounds, had to help me get onto the ball.  Her fingers sank into the fat on my back, and she struggled with the unwieldy mass of flesh before her.  She really must wonder why I bother to attend at all.

And speaking of bad diets, the other day I came upon Nicky eating a large piece of raisin pie, accompanied by a glass of creamo.  The cats eat Temptations as though they are regular daily dry fare, and the dogs are much more like stuffed sausages than weiner dogs.  I’m not sure, but there may be something in the air at our place.

It’s funny, though, how as soon as I doubt myself vis a vis the fruitcakes, and contemplate a new product, I get nothing but fab feedback on the fruitcakes!  Alison told me that her husband ate an entire Totally Decadent in one evening.  Someone from Oliver phoned to say she’d scoured the Valley for fruitcakes after having had one at Christmas.  I’ve had several e mails from people who ordered on-line saying the fruitcakes were delicious, and promising to order again next year.

To keep my nerves under control as I steer Nuttier on its fateful course to wherever it’s going, I shop.  I got the most darling set of tinted yellow glass dessert plates the other day at my favourite giant garage sale, Value Village.  Then, feeling adventuresome, I hit Winner’s and bought half a dozen pairs of underwear.  Placated, I was able to speak the family mantra with conviction: “Quiche!”

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