The Dog Fight

Isn’t it strange how fate can conspire to remove money from you when you least expect it?  I knew I was going to be out a few hundred dollars, as I told Luke I was taking him shopping for shoes and clothes.  His shoes were old runners that he removed in a drunken stupor from someone’s house last September, and has been wearing ever since.  One of the shoes has no laces whatsoever.

We went to Winner’s, and he got a coat, some shorts and T shirts.  When we couldn’t find shoes there we decided to meet at the mall.  When we got there, Luke had parked in the wrong area, so I rolled down the passenger window and he approached the van.  Unfortunately, due to Arnie’s lack of vision, and with is duty-bound attitude regarding me and the vehicle, Luke sustained a nasty bite on his finger.

At home we were chuckling about Arnie and his ability to bite even at his advanced age.  Then yesterday morning, while the dogs were enjoying their usual pigs ear eating routine, a dog fight broke out. Over the years, we have had the odd fight, always over food, and always instigated by Mojo.  I didn’t see the beginning of the fight, but it was loud and vicious, and I slapped Mojo off Arnie.

Later I noticed blood on the floor, and we thought one of the dogs had been bitten on the foot.  However, when I examined Mojo, I could see that her eye was cut and bleeding.  I went to fitness, and when I returned, I knew something was wrong as only Ricky greeted me at the door.  I’ve become used to Arnie not greeting me due to his advanced age, but Mojo and Ricky always do.

I approached the bed, and saw that Mojo’s eye was now the size of a kumquat.  I sighed in resignation, and dialed the vet.  Off we went.  Suffice it to say, by the time I returned to get her four hours later, I was relieved of nearly $400.  Good old Arnie!

The reason for the clothes purchase for Luke was largely selfish.  He and I are off to Nicaragua for ten days, and I told him there was no way I was going to sit with him on a plane looking like that!  I told him we would surely be searched as a result of his ratty attire.  As I mentioned earlier, mom and Gerry are already there, and we will stay with them at their chi chi resort.  Check it out at

But don’t cry for Denis, as he was offered the trip, but didn’t want to go!  I was initially a bit miffed, but now I’m glad as he can help Nicky with the dogs and cats.  God knows it’s a costly situation, if nothing else.  Plus, there is the general house monitoring that needs to be done, due to the vast amounts of friends Nicky likes to invite over if we’re not here.  As I’ve just been bilked for clothes and vet fees, the last thing I want is home renovation costs due to partying.

I will return on February 8th and will report back on the wilds of Nicaragua.

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