The Sweet Life

That crazy feeling of “My God, I love my life!” continues.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to be home so early in my life.  I was sure I would be yoked to a desk somewhere downtown until I was at least 60 years old.  However, when one seriously puts their mind into manifesting their own destiny, well, look out.

Why then, does imagining oneself without a huge gut not work?  Here I sit; the proud owner of a stomach that could choke a small child.  I’ve been mulling over whether or not to even bother with New Year’s Resolutions, and finally decided that I really should try to do something about this blubber field.  The problem of course, is that to shed weight one must eschew things such as butter, creamo and chocolate.  Not good.

My friend Sharon read my Tarot cards for me for the coming year.  Everything is looking fabulous for Nuttier than a Fruitcake.  I just have to be open to the many teachers who will come into my life this year, as they are disguised, and hence not readily identifiable as bone fide ‘teachers.’

Mom’s poodle Schwartzie was here for a few days, as they are off to a chi chi resort in Nicaragua for two months.  Fortunately, the woman who takes care of mom’s house in her absence adores Schwartzie, and as she was away until now, we only had the dog for five days.  The dog is so used to being with octo and nonagenarians that she intensely dislikes tumult.  With three dogs and two cats, there is almost always some sort of a skirmish, which she hates.

Speaking of amusing skirmishes, one thing the dogs adore doing is barking like maniacs at any dog they see.  So, they especially love outings, as the possibilities are good for a bark-out.  If I can, I try to park beside a vehicle containing a dog, as then they can spend the time that I’m shopping jumping, barking and biting the windows.  Sometimes there’s quite a fug in the vehicle when I return.

The other day I parked beside a woman with a large fur collar, and they were having a fit over that!  It’s so funny, because Arnie is now blind, deaf and partially senile, but he is the leader of the pack due to seniority.  He thought the collar was a dog, and even though the miniatures could certainly see that it wasn’t, they knew Arnie was sounding the alarm, and so they just barked as furiously as they possibly could to help him.

Here is an example of why I find life so sweet: Ralph Lauren ankle boots.  Yes, I found a pair at consignment, and they are so fabulous I take them out of the closet every few hours and hold them.  I also bought the most adorable Holt Renfrew black velvet top – to die for!  I do think 2008 is going to be a fabulous, fabulous year!

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