Ka Ching!

Everyone’s idea of humour is different, of course, so now I’m wondering if my submissions to CBC Radio’s contest will be viewed as juvenile rather than funny.  It reminds me of my dad, who in response to something that was supposedly witty would reply deadpan, “Tickle me.” I’m on tenterhooks until Friday when they’re posting the short-listed people.

Nicky’s been trying to soften me up on the idea that he may not work in January as he’s going to be taking six whole courses, and therefore may be too busy.  I tried to point out that his job is actually very easy, and well-paid, and hence it doesn’t hurt him to try to do just a few hours a week.  When that failed, I said, “Look.  Work or don’t won’t, but I’m not giving you a cent.” To which he balefully replied, “You are SO mean!”

Luke’s been living in a hell hole in Rutland for the past month, and it’s been quite nice.  Particularly enjoyable are the times when he comes home, and says incredulously, “Jeff and his girlfriend don’t even rinse their plates so the food is all stuck on and they’re really hard to clean!”  He said that he and his friend Felix are the only ones who clean the house.  I just chuckle merrily to myself.  It’s true, life does get more enjoyable the older you get.

The garden is giving its final hurrah.  The dahlias are still blooming bravely, even though the nights are getting very cold.  Soon I’ll look out and they’ll all be black and melted from the frost.  Now, though, when I look south out of the kitchen window I’m bathed in a golden glow of yellow and orange maples in the neighbours’ yards below.  I admire the orange-red pyrancantha berries around the deck; and on the deck itself containers still bursting with red zinnias and petunias, and huge orange marigolds.

Nokia, the phone company, inquired if I make tiny, individual fruitcakes.  Sadly, they would have wanted 1000!  However, to save myself from certain mental illness, I e mailed them that I only make the one-pound size.  I added that the one-pound size is actually perfect for a couple to share with a bottle of Merlot.  No reply.

I’ve started receiving orders from individuals who have ordered in the past, and have received a few new orders on PayPal, which is wonderful as it means people are finding my site.  I got the nicest e mail from a woman in Calgary today who said in part, “Your cake was one of the reasons we went back to the Okanagan.”

So even though on many days I wonder if I’ll have a few thousand fruitcakes to store for next year, I have to think positive.  I got a great e mail from the editor of Okanagan Life Magazine saying that the cakes I left were wonderful, so hopefully that article will bring lots of sales.

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