Screaming with Excitement

I may have overdone the manifesting of my destiny stuff, a la the book that changed my life called Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting.  I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction, and by God, if two separate magazine editors didn’t phone me and offer me an article! Free! Complete with photos!

I’ll be featured in Okanagan Life Magazine, and the other is far away, in Florida.  The editor phoned and said she’d seen lots of fruitcake sites, but liked mine the best.  When I told Denis, he acted surprised, which annoyed me terribly, and so I asked him which part he was surprised about.  He said it was the fact that there are lots of fruitcake sites!  The nerve of that man.

I’ve also gotten out to do a bit of marketing, and am happy to say that orders are now picking up.  In fact, I’m a bit nervous, as I’ve entered a contest on CBC Radio called Canada Writes.  So far, I’ve submitted in four of the five categories, so am hoping that at least one submission will be good enough to be chosen as a semi-finalist.  If it is, what if thousands upon thousands of people check out my site?

I must say writing for the contest has been more fun than anything I’ve done in a long time.  I guess that’s because the genre is right up my alley.  The categories are: blogs (hello!), humour, songs, advertisements and movie pitches.  I’m very much hoping my rendition of O Fruitcake (sung to the tune of O Canada) will make it.

Just now a nice woman phoned in response to my ad in EAT Magazine.  A cider-making place on the Island e mailed me, and a store manager in Westbank ordered two cases of each product.  Of course some places with no vision have said no, but c’est la vie.

I spent the Thanksgiving weekend experimenting with pumpkin.  I ended up with pumpkin bread, pumpkin tarts and pumpkin pie.  Denis overdid the tarts with whipped cream, and so had an unpleasant night as a result.  He and the dogs are quite similar in that they will eat until the food is gone, no matter how sick they’re feeling while they’re doing it.

I also spend several hours re-organizing the storage room in the basement, as I now appear to have 50 cases of fruitcake ready to be packaged.  Just as I typed that number I felt my stomach do that weird flip flop thing stomachs do when they’re telling you that you’re insane.  I’m sure hoping there’s a way to get everything done, but right now I’m not really sure how.

Not to worry, though, as I have quite a large platter of leftover turkey that I’m going to fashion into delicious sandwiches.  Wolfing these will help me find a way to think.

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