Well, well, well

As you’ll recall I had a well dug last November, and have been waiting for pipes to be connected to the house and irrigation ever since.  Finally I found a very nice company called Okanagan Well and Pump and a man came to look at the project last week.  As usual on my property, he did one of those tradesperson’s slow air exhalations through pursed lips.

He walked here and there.  I pointed at things.  He scratched his head.  Thought a bit.  Finally declared it wasn’t possible to hook up to the house, only the irrigation, and I said fine, I’ll take it.  But then we walked around a bit, and a bolt of inspiration hit him when he realized how he could hook the pipes to both the irrigation and the house.  I replied, “you’re a genius!”

I’ve given him the go-ahead and so soon there should be heavy equipment tearing up my property.  And I’m the person who tries to save every sprig of grass so you can imagine how trying this’ll be for my Buddhist self. 

And speaking of that, I have nice Gilles the landscaper tearing out the junipers from the front of my house.  I said to him, oh, um, the raccoons live there, and he replied they’d find another place to live, and added “I’ve taken your fire hazard rating from Extreme to Moderate.”  So what could I do?  Buh bye raccoons.

Then there’s Nicky and his incessant ant poisoning.  He runs around the property with a large can of Terro Diatomaceous Earth spreading a thick layer around the base of Ponderosa Pines.  It seems to be some kind of obsession, and so I just have to look the other way as it’s easy to go nuts around here.

While on the subject of mental illness, Luke and Jan have moved into mom’s house and I get calls and e mails from all of them now.  Mom wants the place tidy, and they have dumpsters full of possessions so she’s having a fit over that.  Luke wants to tear out the built-in cupboards in the basement bedroom to make more room for his computers and mom doesn’t want the house denuded.

Oh well.  I’m here in Kelowna a hundred miles away so I guess the three of them will settle into some type of a nice routine that doesn’t involve guns, ropes, knives or poison.  It’s just been three days so there’s going to be an adjustment period.

But for myself I have to say it’s wonderful to know mom’ll have someone there to help her as her vision really is the pits.  She said Luke likes to have dinner together every night so that’s a good thing for them to do as mom’s been quite sad with the lack of visitors due to the covid situation.

It’s been incredibly dry this spring and I’ve hooked up hoses and have been watering here and there, however today the irrigation company comes to turn on the water and troubleshoot any pipes that got clogged last season or burst over the winter.  Then imagine the joy this summer as I have well water for myself and the plants.  No more chlorine on them or inside us.

Which is so funny considering the pollution I cause to the bod from the booze.

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