Fifteen Years of Blogging

I’ve had the great pleasure of reconnecting with my old pal Bobbi who I haven’t talked to in around 40 years.  We’ve e mailed back and forth and it’s been wonderful catching up, however she said she’s been reading my blog and could see there was an awful lot to read.  I said yes, as it’s been going on for fifteen years this April. 

I wonder why I keep going and think maybe it’s my grasp at immortality.  You know as I plan to be cremated, my skull can never be fossilized and discovered thousands of years from now, and I certainly haven’t created anything that’ll hang around, however maybe in cyber space my little existence on Earth will go on and on somewhere in the great Cosmos.

Not that I plan on heading out that way any time soon, though the other day I did contemplate killing the fridge delivery people as once again a giant bough was torn from one of my Ponderosa pines on the driveway.  Once they’d parked I pointed out the Christmas tree sized branch on their cab and said perhaps on the way out they could minimize the damage.

I was quite surprised at the large amount of stuff inside a fridge as I unloaded the old one in preparation.  I’ve never had a freezer on the bottom and I quite like it and feel glad I got it.  Just a plain old Whirlpool but who knows, maybe this one will actually last for a long time. 

Seedlings are popping out in little trays on my windowsill and soon I can put them into the greenhouse.  The nights have been a tad cold so I have to wait as I don’t want to kill them.  Gilles the nice landscaper/ yard work person came by last week and built a fabulous arbour for my kiwi.  I bought it about ten years ago and it’s lain in snarl of twigs for all of that time, but now it’s finally got a place to go.

I was at mom’s the other day and emptied her linen closet and we went through every item.  Mom’s so adorable as I’d hold up a tablecloth and she’d say oh that’s a good one, keep that one, to the point I finally said well mom you’ve got fifteen of them saved so far.  But she was willing to let a lot go so I filled two black garbage bags with stuff for thrift.

She wants to get rid of useless stuff because Jan and Luke are moving in in two weeks and the rooms they’re staying in are already piled with boxes as they’ve been bringing their belongings down from Kelowna to Osoyoos.  I’ll be so happy to know they’ll be with mom because she’s going to feel so much more secure having them there with her.

The adorable part of the arrangement is that Luke’s gramma’s favourite grandchild so the two of them will enjoy their time together.  She keeps saying I hope he’ll get a job, and I keep saying he won’t. He wants to contract to companies doing Java script programming, so we’ll see.

A lot’s happened since April 2006 when I began this blog.  My fruitcake business ended, I retired, three dogs, two cats, Liz, mom’s partner Gerry, and Freddie died.  I have a grandchild, I’ve taken a bunch of nice trips, I got divorced, I discovered Reiki and yoga.  I’ve managed to hang onto old friends and make new ones, and for that and everything else I’m very grateful.

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