A Return to Normalcy at Last

With the opening of more businesses, life’s gotten a lot closer to normal.  I can see my chiropractor again, and also had a Reiki treatment and a haircut, all of which were hopeful signs of normalcy.

I had the Crones as I affectionately like to call them for a Happy Hour.  There are five of us in total, and it’s a lot of fun making several little appies and then of course monstrously large Margaritas made with two ounces of Cazadores tequila and an ounce of Grand Marnier.

I also had a barbecue on one of the few half decent days we’ve had in June which was attended by family and a couple of outside guests.  I think there were ten of us in all so that meant lashings of potato and pasta salad as well as thick burgers and smokies.

Last Tuesday, joy of joys, Elsa and I went to thrift stores for the first time in three months.  She’s from Mexico so browsing is in her blood.  Because we’d been deprived for so long, we spent three hours in just two stores, the Salvation Army and the Mennonite Thrift Store.

Only so many people are allowed into the stores at a time, so imagine the consternation of anyone following Elsa and me in the line up.

I found a boxed set of Beatles-themed drinking glasses and a triple strand pearl necklace that I’d been searching for since seeing The Crown.  Have you noticed how the Queen always wore a triple strand?  I looked for that for so damned long, and then there it was.

Another thing I’ve looked for for years, and then gave up and bought new, is the DVD of Home Alone.  Imagine my consternation to find not just one but two of them in the Salvation Army.   Too late for me but someone was going to see that and swoon.

One can’t try anything on, and the bathrooms are closed, so three hours is probably the maximum for my bladder anyway.  I fail to see how a virus is going to live on fabric when all of us in the thrift store are picking stuff up and putting it down all the time.

We can now bring our own bags to the grocery stores which is great because I was getting totally backed up on plastic bags.  Is it 2030 when there’ll be more plastic in the oceans than fish?  I hope all of that was worth it.

I drove to Osoyoos on Friday and had a divine lunch with my childhood pals Phyllis and Mary at Phyll’s house.  She made a Thai noodle and chicken salad, with a trifle for dessert and all of it was delicious.  We sat outside which was a bonus as June’s been the pits here in Kelowna.

The good thing about the damp weather is there won’t be forest fires and hence no smoke filling the valley.  If we could just get some sun it could turn out to be a half decent summer after all.

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