I’m a Fan of Standard Time

Is it just me, or does Standard Time give everyone the illusion of endless time in a day?  Today I got up at 5:00 AM feeling fantastic, and so by around noon I was sure the day was over, but no.  An immense amount of time was still just sitting there, waiting.  I don’t know why I feel that way on Standard Time.

Hence I decided to put my extra time to good use, and now do twenty to thirty minutes of yoga a day following Yoga with Adrienne on You Tube.  It seems to go well with my regime of the healthy smoothie in the morning, and juicing vegetables at lunch.  Sadly, everything outside of that is basically my lifestyle going to hell in a hand basket.

Though I have to say following the keto diet is an easy way to lose weight and it’s not all that unpleasant because you’re not counting calories so can eat immense amounts of food.  It’s strange because you can eat all manner of fat, and still lose weight.

The good thing about it, too, is that you can drink hard liquor so I make myself a diet faux Margarita with tequila, lime juice, stevia and club soda.  At Happy Hour at a restaurant I just tough it out with tequila and club soda with a wedge of lime, and forgo the sweetener.

I never eschew the fries and burger though.  That’s how far keto goes: to the door of Happy Hour.  The crones and I are becoming quite experienced at where to go for decent drinks and food.  I could order the prawns, or something else keto, but I don’t.  I want carbs carbs carbs when I’m out, and my eating habits provide general amusement as well.

That tedious and annoying Golden Orb spider that’s taken up residence on my kitchen window is still there and now the window is filthy.  Research I did on the web state they live for about one year, but “die in late summer or autumn.”  So I’m looking at it going, um, isn’t it time you shuffled off to Valhalla there, Mr. or Mrs. Spider?

I learned a great lesson at thrift yesterday, and it’s one I actually know, and which my very experienced pal Elsa has explained to me as well.  When I was at the Mission Thrift Store yesterday, I saw a Cuisinart on the shelf and as I broke mine, I thought hey, I should get that.

But then it didn’t have a price on it, and I couldn’t see any volunteer around to ask, so thought I probably don’t need it.  Then I changed my mind, returned to the shelf, and it was gone.  I looked at the till, and there was a woman my age talking to the cashier about the price.  I think it was around $20.00 which annoyed me no end, and again, I know not to leave an item on the shelf

I made the same mistake while shopping with Elsa a while ago.  She said you should always take the item and carry it around, if you change your mind, you can always put it back.

For some unknown reason the Rotary Centre for the Arts hasn’t offered tap dance again, so I’m going to be taking it from the instructor’s own dance studio, which is fine with me.  Now that I’ve spent a hundred bucks on tap shoes, I’m damn well using them.  Plus I’m no longer taking singing lessons so I have to fill these hours of Standard Time.

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