Spider as Pet

A couple of months ago I noticed another Orb spider had taken up residence, this time in my kitchen window.  The last one lived on the French doors in the dining room.  This spider (she?) has made a web that goes from top to bottom and ends on the ornaments on the shelf, taking up about a third of the window.

I certainly couldn’t kill it, so at first just left it alone, careful not to touch anything on the shelf in order to leave the web undisturbed.  However lately I’ve started to worry about the spider’s lack of food, and so have taken to catching small moths and planting them on the web.  Sometimes the spider races straight down and grabs it, and other times the carcass can hang there for half a day or more.

This confirms my reluctance to own chickens is well-founded, as when I had the bees I’d be worried sick that they might be too cold, wet or hungry.  So chickens are out.

I guess once the last of the moths has shown itself the spider will die a natural death and I can clean the window and ledge.  It’s amazing the amount of fly blood she’s dropped on the sill.

I didn’t name the spider and it’s just as well as I have to think of a puppy name for next year.  God willing, I’ll be receiving a standard dachshund puppy and I find it very hard to find the right name for a pet or child.

I harvested the last of the dahlia blooms just in time as the next day frost had killed the plants.  I’ve dug out all of the tubers and put them in tubs filled with peat moss and stored them in the insulated but unheated garage.  The fig has to be moved in there, too.

Margaret and I went on the Kettle Valley Steam train at the end of September on a lovely sunny day and it was a great experience.  You have great views of Summerland but sadly they were only able to preserve 10 miles of track so you return the same way you came.

After having been to Mexico where every ruin has hawkers by the hundreds we were quite surprised at the one train stop where everyone can get off for photos.  There was a lone person selling baskets of raspberries for $5.  We were a captive bunch of tourists wanting to spend and buy but there was nothing to buy other than the berries.

Both of us love entrepreneurship so imagined the types of articles that could be produced and sold at this kind of a stop.  We said you could do replica trains, or else something fruit-industry themed, or some Native souvenirs.  Anything would sell there.

I’m now busy door-knocking and phoning for the Liberals so can’t do a single thing until after the election.  I watched the debates the other night but find bickering nerve-wracking so I think I’ll give the French language debate a miss.

But honest, don’t you find it hard to stay off CNN these days?  With that little stinker Donald Trump shooting his mouth off daily mom is having a total ball.  She has no time to phone or visit with anyone because she says as soon as she leaves Trump alone for five minutes he’s done another stupid thing.  Hard to disagree with her.

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