Stupid and Dangerous Things to Do

I’m very happy and excited as my niece Sunny and her family are planning to come here for Easter.  They were here in 2015 for Luke and Jan’s wedding party, which happened to coincide with Easter, so their two girls had a mad egg hunt on this property and just loved it.

So I suggested to Sunny the girls might like to do that again and as she replied they would, I raced to Purdy’s to get some stuff for the hunt.  This is where I made the stupid and deadly decision to purchase two large bunnies and two bags of individually wrapped eggs and little bunnies.

I kept the practiced neutral expression on my face that I need whenever I’m in this type of retail situation.  The girl said “That comes to $77.45” and I replied “Okay thanks.”  I should’ve said here, take this, I have to get out of this mall, but no.

I then drove home thinking oh well that’s a bunch of lovely chocolate for the girls.  Because Jan had never in her life heard of or participated in an Easter egg hunt, she was voracious and easily out-hunted the little girls.

So this year I’ll have to warn her in advance that we mustn’t take chocolate from children if at all possible.  By now she’s had four years of chocolate so I think that’s settled her down quite a bit.

Here at home all went well the first night, but by the second night the bag of chocolate weighed on my mind.  I thought well gee, if I just open the bag of individually foil-wrapped eggs, I can eat one or two and no one will even know.

By the second night as I was polishing off the last egg from the giant bag, I realized I had no one to blame but myself.  Who buys Easter chocolate three weeks before they need it?  Only a person with a very serious addiction to chocolate does that.

Now I’m down to the two large rabbits and the one bag of individually foil-wrapped bunnies so I’m really hoping I can pull myself together until Easter.  However at this point in my life I know it’s folly to make predictions about what’s going to happen so I won’t make any.

Margaret bought a very handy brush for her cat which I used when I was babysitting him the other week so I bought one for my cats.  The chairs on which they lie are thickly coated with black fur so I thought it’d be so nice for the cats to get their loose fur removed.

The “brush” is actually all soft plastic with nubby bits that stick out and really pick up gobs of hair in one go.  So I thought this’ll feel good and grabbed George and started to brush his back.  I knew I’d have to hold the cat as he’s not used to that kind of thing but I didn’t suspect he’d use his back claw to anchor himself into my bare forearm to aid his escape.

With extra fat on my gut and a wound on my arm I regret doing stupid things.

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