Learning New Things

Tomorrow I’m getting my first lesson in Windows 10, which will hopefully not be crippling. I then need to learn how to create a bulk e mail, as the person who helped me with my computer decided to delete Windows Live Mail, from which my newsletter used to be sent.

Once these two tasks are accomplished, I may be able to continue sending out my newsletters.  The other day my friend Nancy was over for coffee, and she said hey we haven’t had a newsletter from you for a while. I replied it was due to “technical difficulties.”

I asked Luke if he’d be able to set up a method for bulk e mailing but he said I had to figure it out myself.  He said, “you’ll have to Google it.”  I then e mailed Nicky, who lives downstairs but that’s the way we communicate, if he would help me.  He didn’t reply so I’m guessing that’s a strong no.

If one day you receive my newsletter you’ll have to imagine all the Hell I’ve gone through to get it to you.  Just from what I know of myself I’m guessing I’ll have aged from the  frustration and stress, and be a lot poorer as I’ll have to pay for help.

I prefer learning about things in which I’m interested, and the above tasks are the kinds of activities which leave me cold.  But once I’m able to produce a lovely newsletter all on my own, I’m sure I’ll be quite proud of myself.  See above for cost.

For way more fun, I want to take tap dancing starting in April, and that’ll also be good for lengthening telomeres and building strong synapses in the brain.  I must ask Nancy about a language-learning program she was telling me about and see if I can get anywhere with Japanese.

Last time I visited mom she said she was reviewing her journals and said when she was my age she was on four different boards, flying to Ottawa constantly for meetings, and travelling all over the world with Gerry.  She said to me, “your life can change in an instant.”

I said, yes, as I’ve ordered a new bee hive, and also plan to mulch the hell out of the yard this year.  Mom stared at me blankly.  Her life and mine have been complete opposites, as mine involves bees, dogs, cats, gardens, singing and tap dancing.

I haven’t told many people yet, but I’ve passed the test to be a standard dachshund owner and will be getting a puppy sometime this year.  What test you may ask.  I had to fill out a four-page questionnaire, and only then with appropriate answers is one given the green light to own one of these dogs.  After 24 years of dachshund ownership I was able to convince them I would be an okay owner.

Miniature dachshunds can be found everywhere, but there are only three or four breeders of standards in Canada.  So you can see how important it was for me to pass the test and be able to get one.  It’s as mom says, life can change in an instant.

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