Another Year Done

This year will be one of the quietest Christmases ever, as Luke won’t be here due to work.  It’ll be the tiniest of gatherings, and I have masses of food, so we’ll have to bravely eat for two people each.  I’ve already gained quite a bit of weight so figure it won’t make much difference at this point.

I’m just about to put another German cookie recipe into the oven.  This one is called Pfeffernuesse, and it means Pepper Cookies.  They contain black pepper, as well as cardamom, cloves, ginger and cinnamon.  I’ve already made countless batches of the famous Spitzbuben cookies.

These are now de rigueur each Christmas for quite a lot of people.  Most people receiving them for the first time reply with a “holy cow, that’s a good cookie!” then by November are hinting about them.  So it’s my own fault as Margaret has described them as ‘crack.’

After making thousands and thousands of fruitcakes over the decade, last month I made my famous recipe just once, which made six loaves.  I haven’t made them for a couple of years, but Penny said her mom had already asked her about four times about the fruitcakes, so I said no problem.  So four went to Penny and her mom Phyllis, and the other two to mom, and that was all I was able to make myself do.

Then as the events director for the local Liberal riding association, I was tasked with ordering the food for our annual Christmas party.  We invited all volunteers and donors, and sent out invitations stating appies and refreshments would be served, and the MP was going to be in attendance and speak.

70 people replied they were coming, so I ordered enough appies for 70.  Then perhaps 35 people showed up, so that was a terrible annoyance.  If I get an invitation and reply, I usually go, or else let the people organizing it know that I won’t attend.  Oh well.

Many people think all I’ve done these past ten years is be a fruitcake monger. However I’ve also been self-employed providing vocational rehab services to various long term disability insurers.  This has been great as I’ve been working from home since 2007.

However I’ve decided to retire, and now the world really is my oyster as I’ll have time to explore what my heart’s desire is, and do that.  And what a great time for new beginnings, check out this article on why 2018 is a Year of Rebirth.

All shopping is done, parcels sent, gifts wrapped.  Tree has been decorated since December 2nd, and the lights were put up courtesy of Nicky and Denis that same day.  The turkey’s bought and now I just have to clean, the worst task of all.

But it’s a white Christmas, all’s well with my little world, and so from my home to yours, have a very Merry Christmas.

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